Happy Monday everyone! I am looking for a few special ladies for a boudoir related project, and am giving away 5 boudoir sessions! Here are the details:

– You must be over the age of 18

– The shoots will take place in my Vancouver studio between May 15 and 22

– This contest is not open to other photographers (sorry friends!)

– You will be asked to sign a model release so I can blog a few photos

Sound good? Want in? Here’s how to enter:

Click the ‘Like’ button at the bottom of this post and leaveΒ a comment below by clicking on the comment button on the bottom right of this page. Β Your email address is required in the comment form but only so I can contact you if you win, you won’t be spammed.

I will choose the winners randomly from the comment box using random.org and announce them on Friday.

Good luck!

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170 Responses to Vancouver Boudoir Photography | Casting Call!

  1. Chrissy says:

    I would be thrilled to win this prize. I’m getting married next year and think this would work into a very special gift for my fiancee. πŸ™‚

  2. valerie hamilton says:

    I m in.

  3. Caroline Addison says:

    Amazing pictures! This would be an incredible experience:)

  4. Jenn Shaw says:

    this would be a great wedding present!

  5. Katharina Bleinis says:

    Stunning photography, really captures the eye. Hopefully I am one of the chosen ladies for this new project!


  6. Renee Barry says:

    getting married in august. fingers crossed for a win!

  7. Anjuli says:

    Would love to enter!!! πŸ™‚


  8. Chelsea calder says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot. I am getting married in September and his would be such a great gift for my fiancΓ©. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. Jessica says:

    Im recently separated this would be a wonderful treat for myself

  10. Sarah says:

    What a great idea, I absolutely love your boudoir photos!

  11. Ebony MacIntosh says:

    You are such a talented artist! Your photos really are worth a million words.

  12. Priscilla says:

    Love your work Jen, would make my dreams come true if I won this contest!!!! woo forever 21!!!

  13. Vanessa says:

    Would love to be entered into this! I love your work and have just started running after baby number two and am back to pre-baby weight so am excited about photos. That being said, I’m the non-photographer half of a Photography business, so I might be excluded. If I can’t enter I totally understand, but would SO love to be able to!

  14. Brooke Cole says:

    i would love to win this for my mom.. we both love your work and i think it would make a great suprise gift for her.

  15. Theresa says:

    Who wouldn’t love this?! Love your work, have my fingers crossed πŸ˜‰

  16. Alecia says:

    Wow! Awesome contest! *fingers crossed*

  17. Michelle sulkye says:

    Love your work and would be greatful for the opportunity for a session with you!

  18. Amanda says:

    Your work is beautiful!

  19. Jamie Beggs says:

    Exciting! Good luck ladies.

  20. Jena says:

    Sounds great πŸ™‚

  21. Wendy says:

    I would love a chance to win this, I had such a great time doing my headshots and photoshoot with my dogs with you =]

  22. I would LOVE the opportunity to shoot with you! HEAVEN! Fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

  23. Candace says:

    Loooove your work and up for anything!!!!

  24. Lauren Cross says:

    I’m entering because I know how incredible your work is! I would love love love to win!

  25. Lisa says:

    WOW! What an amazing opportunity. I’ve worked very hard to look great and would love to show it!

  26. Tracy Kittles says:

    im in just let me know time and place!!!would be soo excited to do it!

  27. Jill says:

    Beautiful work!

  28. Catriona says:

    Would love this! Recently divorced and need a little pick me up!

  29. Tia says:

    Just had a baby 5 months ago and would love to feel sexy agin and show off this post baby body I have been working so hard on getting back πŸ™‚

  30. Helen says:

    This looks like it could be a lot of fun & a great opportunity! The photos on your website are beautiful!

  31. Vanessa Franklin says:

    I’ve been wanting to do a boudoir shoot for ages as a pre-wedding gift for my guy and so I can hang photos of myself around my apartment. πŸ™‚

  32. corrina says:

    I would love to get this done as my boyfriends birthday is coming up!

  33. corrina says:

    I would love to get this done as my boyfriends birthdat is coming up!

  34. Angie says:

    I have always wanted to do this at least once, looks like fun:)

  35. Breanne Galloway says:

    Always wanted to do this – great motivation to stay in shape!

  36. Noelle says:

    I would love to do this! I think hubby would too πŸ™‚

  37. Christine says:

    My fiance said he would get me tattooed on him as a pinup if I did something like this! This is a sign! lol
    Seriously though, this would be a wicked wedding gift to him.

  38. allison says:

    sounds fun!

  39. Nicci Marsh says:

    Only recently have I begun feeling comfortable in front of a camera posing for dance imagery and would love the chance to do something a bit more daring. I have always found boudoir imagery to be incredibly tasteful, alluring and exotic and would love to have something like such in my photo collection. Thanks for the opportunity to win such

  40. Cindy says:

    this would be a wicked prize to win for a newly single gal like myself. πŸ™‚

  41. teresa says:

    love love love the photo shoot of nicki..she look so comfy in her photos..I figure this would be a great way to get over my shyness of the camera, and to have a great 40th b-day gifty for myself.

  42. jessica says:

    after two kids and no time for myself.. this would be a super fun thing to do.. I have always wanted to do this and surprise my husband!!

  43. Keri says:

    Amazing photography….. I would love to take part in your new project!!!

  44. Candice says:

    Would love to do this! Thanks for the chance!

  45. Melissa leach says:

    Crossin fingers πŸ˜‰

  46. would love the opportunity of shooting with you for this session.

    CHEERS! πŸ™‚

  47. I would love to be a part of this!

  48. Grace Lanuza says:

    Would make a lovely 5th year wedding anniversary gift for my hubby – pick moi! ;o)

  49. Kristen. says:

    Cristina Liebster would be perfect for this Jennifer!

  50. Tammy Lumbis says:

    I would love to win this contest, I’ve never done a photo shoot ever! Life has been rough over the past year…..dated a guy who I thought was the one only to find out he was a functioning addict. After finding that out I dedicated all my spare time to trying to get him to stop using, never went out because I thought if I was there he wouldn’t use, went to drug and alcohol counseling for an addiction that wasn’t mine to help me cope with dating someone with an addiction! I could use a fun relaxing time……..its time for me to start a new journey in life and put all the negatives in my past!

  51. anna says:

    I would love to enter this contest!

  52. Roxanna says:

    Sounds awesome, and love your pics! as a mom I never get to do this, but have ALWAYS wanted too πŸ™‚

  53. Colleen says:

    I would love to be apart of your magic…..and besides, who doesn’t want sexy photos!!!

  54. That sounds pretty fun.

  55. Amy says:

    boudoir me up!

  56. Gina says:

    It would be great to win this!

  57. Tammy says:

    I think that I need to win this one. Life has been insane over the past year………….Dated a functioning addict and gave up my entire life for him……Never saw my friends because I thought if I stayed around him he wouldnt use (WRONG!), I went to addictions counseling for an addiction that wasnt even mine in hopes that I would learn to deal and cope with the situation, Centered my whold life around trying to get him help and make him stop (That is exhausting!). In a nut shell we have split up but it has left me with some major walls and taken a toll on my self esteem πŸ™ Its time for a fresh start and I have learned that I can not change anyone, they have to want to change themselves! This would be a fun opprotunity and I need something positive and fun!

  58. Hilary says:

    This would be so much fun and good for the confidence I think. Hubby would like it too! It would be a good anniversary present for him, and a surprise!

  59. Gracie says:

    special boudoir project? cool!!! wow that would be neat to get some practice in before july and to also meet you πŸ˜€

    that would be awesome to randomly win as i am coming down to vancouver for 5 days for fun with my hubby and my puppy during that date period you listed above!

  60. Traci says:

    I’m game!

  61. Anna says:

    you capture gorgeous images – oh to be one of your clients!

  62. Emma says:

    I’d love to win this prize…albeit I am a bit nervous as I don’t feel entirely comfortable in my own skin, let alone beautiful. But upon looking at your portfolio, I see how you capture beauty in every woman you’ve photographed. And I’m hoping you can maybe help me find my beauty too.

  63. debbie says:

    How are you with middle aged.. plump women???lol kidding Jen…lol

    • jennifer says:

      Debbie! I am great with them, they just never let me share their photos on my website haha!

  64. Steph says:

    I’ve already had my portraits done and I know how fabulous you are….would love to do it again πŸ™‚

  65. Sheona Severson says:

    Well I’m not getting married at the moment but what girl doesn’t want to pretend πŸ˜‰ Love your photos!

  66. Natalie Smith says:

    I have always wanted to do one of these and would love the chance to do so.

  67. Katie says:

    Would love this! Recently divorced mom of twins. Hook a sister up!

  68. Sue says:

    Yes please.. I’ve been working out hard for my upcoming wedding and would love to present my sweet man with some sexy pics of me.

  69. Lindsey H says:

    This would be amazing!

  70. Adrienne says:

    i’ve always wanted a set of photos like this!

  71. ms m says:

    he deserves it and I love it…

  72. Tanya Broback says:

    Fantastic, elegant and sexy..great work!

  73. Angela says:

    Would be refreshing to feel less mum-ly and a little more adventurous!

  74. Jeannine says:

    I’m in too πŸ™‚

  75. Vanessa tournadre says:

    Great pictures!

  76. Angela Wicentowich says:

    This would be a blast!

  77. Tara Scheirer says:

    I have been wanting to have these pics done – How great that I could win!!

  78. Megan Halloran says:

    Pick me! Pick me!!! Haha :$

  79. Nancy Afonso says:

    beautiful! It would be incredible to experience something like this!

  80. Terra says:

    Sounds like so much fun! would love to win this!

  81. Ysabel sukic says:

    This would be a big surprise for my

  82. Natalie Larochelle says:

    Hey! I would LOVE to do this with you. I’ve done a Boudoir shoot before and we just had so much fun!! Hope to talk with you soon.

  83. Koreena says:

    your photos look amazing
    and I never click on links, but I had to this time!

  84. Donna Hawkins says:

    I am a 52 almost 53 yr old mom of 2 who recently lost 30-35lbs,it would certainly help my self esteem and surprise my husband of almost 25yrs,our anniversary is July 19th.

  85. Kari Kennedy says:

    would be amazing something I’ve wanted done for a long time but never had the chance!

  86. Kristin Karen Lynn says:

    This is a GREAT idea and I would love to win… Wedding is coming up in a year and this would make a pretty perfect gift πŸ™‚ I will have everything crossed I win lol

  87. Elizabeth says:

    This would be so fun

  88. Annette Colligan says:

    Two kids, hectic life, turned 40 in the fall….mid life crisis?!?!? Need to show I can still rock it.

  89. Natasha McWilliams says:

    After major abdominal surgery this sounds like it would be wickedly fun! Love your work!

  90. Natasha McWilliams says:

    I had major abdominal surgery last year and would love to do something like this! I finally look almost back to normal!

  91. nancy says:

    I am a huge fan of your work! So much so that I would fly across Canada for this opportunity! My fingers are crossed.

  92. Cindy Yu says:

    Wow. Beautiful photography…

  93. Sarah Harvey says:

    I’ve wanted to have boudoir photography done for a few years, but I’ve just been too afraid of the result and not feeling confident through the process. I’m putting up my hand for this one…time to face my fear! Thanks for the opportunity.

  94. Amanda F says:

    This would be such a wonderful thing to do just before we start trying for kids! Fingers crossed that I win!

  95. christine says:

    I love your pics!

  96. christine says:

    love your pics!!!

  97. Sarah H says:

    My baby bump and I would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity, you do lovely work.

  98. Tori Loptson says:

    Love to win!

  99. Barbara says:

    I would love to work with you!

  100. barbara says:

    I love your work!

  101. Amber Zurowski says:

    I would love to do a boudoir session!! Your work is beautiful!

  102. Brandie Jaremco says:

    Had a baby 6 months ago and looking fab!!! Celebrating my 5 year Wedding Anniversary this July and Cole can’t stop bragging about your photos and now I know why πŸ™‚

  103. Elsa says:

    Theres a first time for everything! This would be fun πŸ™‚

  104. Andrew Armstrong says:

    I can think of a few special people who might love to get this as a gift.

  105. Jodi says:

    You’re amazing Jen πŸ˜‰

  106. Katie says:

    pick me! pick me!

  107. Natalie says:

    I would love to do a bridal boudoir shoot for my hubby-to-be!!!

  108. Katie McLellan says:

    Saw my sisters pics. Sounds amazing.

  109. Megan says:

    Ooh la la πŸ˜‰

  110. Amy says:

    I am totally interested. I need to lean how to be more relaxed when people take pictures of me!!!

  111. Jackie Elander says:

    love this idea πŸ™‚

  112. Laura says:

    Beautiful pictures. Would be fun πŸ™‚

  113. Angelina says:

    It’s in the reach of my arms, The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips.
    I’m a woman
    Phenomenal woman,
    That’s me. – caption from Poem by Maya Angelou

    Love it!

  114. jennlee says:

    i know someone who wouldn’t mind some j-dub boudoir pics of his gf. πŸ˜‰

  115. Chelsea says:

    Looks like a blast =)!

  116. Amanda Stewart says:

    I’m getting married in July and then my fiancΓ©e 30th Bday is in August!!!

  117. DANIELA says:

    HEEEY SO THIS WOULD BE XXTRA awesome !!!!!!
    EMAIL ME πŸ˜‰

  118. Gabrielle Embley says:

    As a mom of a 15 month old, I would love to take a break from “the mom me” and tap into “the sexy me”! I think she still exists?!

  119. Sarah L says:

    I would love to win this boudoir session. I am a mother who has just lost 35 lbs, would love to show off my new look!

  120. Carla Mellado-Robertson says:

    Jen ..I have wanted to do a shoot with you for sooo long. I am crossing my fingers and toes that i get picked. Would love love love to be involved!

  121. Danielle Gillis says:

    I’ve always wanted to do this. Im getting married in August so it would be super fun!! Vintage fashion is my passion.

  122. jill says:

    Beautiful work, would love to have a chance to do something like this!

  123. Cheryl Paterson says:

    I would love to have one done. I have been feeling kind of plumpy and dumpy lately. I quit smoking and thus gained some weight.

    Good luck with your photograpy

  124. caitlin says:

    sounds like fun, i’m in!!!

  125. Colleen Lum says:

    I would love to win this so I could have wonderful pictures of my family and I together.

  126. Sue says:

    Hi there! You did a fantastic job of my sister’s pictures! Such a great surprise for her hubby! I just got engaged to my man so it would be amazing to give a similar gift to him!! fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

  127. Erin da Roza says:

    YES Please. I just got the most AMAZING corset made. FUN!

  128. Jackie Fisette says:

    I love your photos! You make everyone look so beautiful!

  129. Saskia says:

    “Do or do not do… There is no try”- Yoda Please DO pick ME!!!! πŸ™‚ Getting married in Aug, 2011 and would love to give this gift to my “Starwars” loving fiancΓ©e.

  130. Janine says:

    Sounds like fun!

  131. shawna w says:

    Would love the oppurtunity to show off my inner divaness! πŸ˜›

  132. Hailey says:


  133. Elise Perdia says:

    It would be my first photoshoot & a special treat since hard work pays off & I am feeling the absolute best I have ever felt πŸ™‚

  134. Laura says:

    Gorgeous photos!

  135. Jessica says:

    This would be amazing. I would finally get to put to use all my lovely Pleasure State lingerie. Would be amazing πŸ™‚

  136. Jessie smith says:

    My bf is in the army, and this would be a fantastic gift for him!

  137. Nicole says:

    Hi there! My best friend is getting married in September and she’d love to do a surprise gift to her future husband! I’d love to nominate her to get these shots! πŸ™‚ hope to hear from you soon!

  138. Ashley says:

    1. your pictures are gorgeous 2. i have always secretly wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot! ooops, i guess my secret is out.

  139. karlee says:

    amazing opportunity! i would love to win this! gorgeous photo’s! make me sexy for the day! πŸ™‚

  140. Sarahb says:

    I would love to do this for my husband of 17 years for our anniversary coming up. (And also for myself!) I am 40 this year and need something to remind myself of the woman who caught his fancy many years ago! Have you done plus size before? (I am a confidant size 16 although I am in the process of returning to my inner healthy girl!)

  141. Natasha says:

    Beautiful photos! Would be something fun for me!!

  142. Ida says:

    What an incredible opportunity this would be. Your work is incredible. I am a mom to a beautiful 9 months old baby girl. Had a C section, so I’m still a bit self-conscious about showing my body. Would love to show my husband sexy pictures of me.

  143. Tess says:

    Beautiful photos! Very talented photographer!

  144. Lindsay Bove says:

    Sounds like fun! would love to be a part of this.

  145. Jennifer Beach says:

    love your work!

  146. Michelle says:

    This would be the perfect wedding gift for my Hubby to Be πŸ™‚

  147. Solana says:

    Would love to win!!! Getting Married June 25th of this year!

  148. Sandy says:

    I would love to do this! Your style is beautiful and elegant!

  149. Kelsey says:

    I’m in!

  150. Samantha Potter says:

    Wonderful idea & photos!

  151. Julie Clayton says:

    I’ve always wanted to do a shoot like this! Sounds like a lot of fun!!!

  152. Heather says:

    So generous of you! I’m getting married June 4, 2011 and would love to add this to the groom’s gift!

  153. Jenn palsenbarg says:

    Would love to be considered for this!!!

  154. Jennifer says:

    How great of an experience would this be!!! Not to mention fun. Also, would make a amazing 30th B-day gift for someone.

  155. Kate says:

    I would love to win this so I can have a picture of me looking sexy. What an amazing opportunity.

  156. Amy L. Bruchet says:

    Absolutely stunning photos!

  157. Jennifer Short says:

    First off, Jennifer Williams you are an amazing photographer! My two year wedding anniversary is coming up this August and the sexy boudoir album would make a wonderful gift for my hubby!

  158. Caren-Jane Copak says:

    Never EVER do i ever get the chance to do something for myself….Would love to look and feel pretty, and sexy..maybe it will bring up my self esteem…even if it is for a day…What a wonderful opportunity.

  159. Marcel Cunningham says:

    Sure why not! Give it a shot.

  160. Chelsea says:

    Love the photographs, you have a genuine talent! I’ve always wanted to do a sexy shoot like this and would be so excited to have the opportunity to work with you!

  161. nikki says:

    you take amazing photos jen, it would be fun to work with you πŸ™‚

  162. Kadie-Lea Brandsma says:

    I would love to face my fear and do something like this πŸ™‚ *Fingers crossed*

  163. Lauren lynch says:

    My girlfriend Emily Leung did a shoot with you and I’ve been dying to do one too!! I love your photos and hope I win!



  164. emily says:

    still taking people?

  165. allison says:

    looks awesome

  166. Stephanie Belland says:

    I’m getting married next year and am new to BC. I would love this opportunity, your work is amazing!!!

  167. […] winners of my boudoir photography contest will be announced later today once I hear back from the selected winners. Posted in video […]

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