I’ve recently started working with a brand new album company based in Ontario (yay for Canadian suppliers!) and I am super thrilled to be offering these gorgeous books. I got a few new samples in and couldn’t wait to post a few product shots.

First up, we have my most popular album size which is the 8×10. You can see it pictured below beside my iPhone 4 so you can get an idea of the size.

boudoir photography by vancouver photographer jennifer williams

My sample is done up with my favorite fabric – Japanese Bookbinding Cloth. It’s available in Black, Crimson and Red, and you can either do a full fabric wrap cover or pair it with a sexy anonymous shot for the front and use the fabric on the spine and back.

The inside cover is very nicely finished with a thick black paper. The pages lay flat (this one is new so it hasn’t been broken in yet). The shot on the right shows the page next to a quarter so you can see the thickness of the pages. The beauty of lay flat albums is that you can print your image across the inside seam and not have any interruption of the photo. Below is a zoomed in shot of the seam and some shots to show the full spreads.

Below we have my 2nd most popular size, the 6×8 album. I did my sample with the black ‘silk’ cover, which is a soft textured cover with a slight sheen to it.

If you’re more of a traditionalist you will enjoy the black leather cover, pictured below. This sample is worth mentioning as it’s such a cool size/layout. It’s my 12×8 horizontal book, and works incredibly with your favorite horizontal shots, as well as displaying a series of 5-6 verticals on one spread.

There are plenty of other album options as well, so if you’d like more information about the books or are ready to book your shoot, please get in touch and we can get you scheduled in for a shoot!

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