We were so honoured to have Miss K back in the studio for her third shoot with us! Here’s what she had to say about shoot number 3!

“This shoot was a present to myself for my 48th birthday. I did a shoot with Jen a year ago, and my first one 8 years ago. It is such an empowering experience and a reminder of my beauty and sexiness that I want to document. I chose you because you’re the shit, I love and trust you 1000%.
You have such an incredible talent and gift that I know has been combined with a lot of hard work to make you the artist that you are today. 

The shoot felt like 10 minutes. SO FUN. I felt sexy, beautiful and POWERFUL.
For another woman considering it…..DO IT.
I know it can feel scary. I know you think you are not ready yet. But the scary things you do when you do not feel ready are the ones that you will receive the greatest POWER from.

And, P.S. you DESERVE this. For YOU.
Kelly is the bomb. ROCK STAR. Was so fun to still rock my makeup and hair the rest of the day and for the U2 concert with my hubs!!” ~Miss K



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