“I really liked what I saw on your webpage (your studio, the photos and that you guide the whole process). It made me very confident in booking you. My husband has been asking for a boudoir album for a long time now and I finally felt interested to do it for myself too.

I was exited and happy, a little nervous. I was thinking how it would be, how the final result would be, because I don’t know how to pose and I tend to close my eyes always.

It was amazing, I really enjoyed it. And with your coaching isn’t difficult to pose. I felt really great. To someone considering a boudoir shoot I would say “go ahead, just do it, it’s a wonderful experience”, and would recommend to do it with you.

I really loved having my hair and makeup done, the result is much better if it’s done from someone who really knows what they are doing and that allowed more beautiful photos!” ~Miss D


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