The gorgeous Portia Favro came in for her most recent shoot with us and she absolutely SLAYED her session. Here’s what she had to say: “Jen and Kelly are the dream team. I always feel so safe, empowered, vulnerable (in a good way) and beautiful after every session we’ve worked together. 

It’s a real treat to work with a team who also has similar values, but are also extremely creative and eager to try new things! I had a blast trying a few new things during this shoot…and well, we’re only human! I found things that worked, things that didn’t work as well, but also, had incredible direction and an openness to be silly, try new things and find myself wholeheartedly.

I trust them 150% that the end product will be outstanding and am willing to do anything they ask! It’s a safe, secure and open environment to explore. All my dreams came true with this! We got sensual, we got sexy, we got creative! It was perfect! 

I love you! Thank you for holding space for me and building up my well. Every time I leave a shoot I’m on Cloud 9 for the whole rest of the month! Xo” ~Portia

“Kelly, you can do anything to my face, anytime! I always love working with you + the gold, glitter makeup and fun lips so helped me create a couple characters and get in the mood 🙂 “


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