The gorgeous Portia Favro came in for her most recent shoot with us and she absolutely SLAYED her session. Here’s what she had to say: “Jen and Kelly are the dream team. I always feel so safe, empowered, vulnerable (in a good way) and beautiful after every session we’ve worked together. 

It’s a real treat to work with a team who also has similar values, but are also extremely creative and eager to try new things! I had a blast trying a few new things during this shoot…and well, we’re only human! I found things that worked, things that didn’t work as well, but also, had incredible direction and an openness to be silly, try new things and find myself wholeheartedly.

I trust them 150% that the end product will be outstanding and am willing to do anything they ask! It’s a safe, secure and open environment to explore. All my dreams came true with this! We got sensual, we got sexy, we got creative! It was perfect! 

I love you! Thank you for holding space for me and building up my well. Every time I leave a shoot I’m on Cloud 9 for the whole rest of the month! Xo” ~Portia

“Kelly, you can do anything to my face, anytime! I always love working with you + the gold, glitter makeup and fun lips so helped me create a couple characters and get in the mood 🙂 “


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“This has been one of the hardest yet most successful years of my life, with separating from my husband but focusing on loving myself and losing over 60lbs. I decided that I wanted to set a goal and a reward for myself, and Jenn was the perfect fit for that! One of the biggest reasons that I chose Jenn was that I could relate to the women in her portfolio. A lot of photographers tend to post the skinny beautiful girls but Jenn shoots and posts a wide range of women who all look different but are all absolutely gorgeous in their own ways. I was able to look through her portfolio and feel comfortable knowing that I would be able to rock a session at any size. This experience was easily the best thing that I’ve done for myself – aside from just taking better care of myself this year. The session was exactly what I had hoped for it to be – a huge reward at the end of a very hard year. Jenn and Kelly made me feel like an absolute goddess and at the same time, connected with me just like a friend would. I instantly felt comfortable and from the very first pose, the few nerves I had were washed away as Jenn was so fluid and clear in her instructions 

Kelly was absolutely incredible! I told her to do whatever she wanted with my look as I knew it was important to trust her as the professional. She NAILED IT!!! I also felt so comfortable and so connected to her almost immediately that I was able to talk freely about my life and feel as though she could relate. Brilliantly talented but more importantly, her people skills are top knotch! This is the definition of the dream team!!” ~Miss M



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The Beautiful Miss K came to the studio to create an incredible gift for her groom on their wedding day! After her friends threw her a lingerie themed bridal shower she had everything she needed for a boudoir session with us! We’re pretty sure her now-hubby was BLOWN AWAY when he saw these!



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“I follow you on Facebook and Instagram and have admired your work for a couple of years.  I wanted to do a boudoir session for myself as well as it’s a great gift for my husband. Before the shoot I was feeling excited and anxious. But once I arrived I loved how comfortable you both made me feel! I absolutely loved having my makeup and hair done. I felt like a princess. I would recommend your company to all my friends and family. I would say do this for yourself and your significant other, you can both appreciate it!” ~ Miss L





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