The gorgeous Miss L came to shoot with us after we came highly recommended from 2 of her friends who have shot with us previously!

Here’s what Miss L had to say about her session: “After seeing two of my girlfriends photos, I fell in love, and thought I must book for a session! Your work is just absolutely amazing! Sexy, but classy!

Before the shoot I was so nervous and sweating. I’ve always had body image issues because I am a mother of one. up until changing into my lingerie, I kept thinking. Omg, I am so embarrassed… but none the less Jen and Kelly made it comfortable and helped me through all the poses and took their time to doll me up. I’ve never had my make up done professionally, so Kelly, thank you for making me feel like a superstar!

Now that I’ve had a shoot I feel so SEXY and comfortable in my own skin. EMPOWERED. Everyone should seriously book a boudoir shoot. And make sure you book for a longer shooting time It went by so fast and I wish it was longer. I am definitely coming back for another shoot but this time during the morning session for a new experience. You girls rock! Thank you for doing what you love, because it shows in your work!

I can’t wait to come back for another session!!”

Vancouver boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 001


Vancouver boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 004



Vancouver boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 008

Vancouver boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 011




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“I absolutely LOVED my shoot, it was so much fun. I would definitely recommend anyone to try a boudoir shoot with Jen and Kelly as they make you feel so comfortable. Honestly, when I left my shoot I was already planning my next one in my head.
I would say to anyone considering this. go for it. We are all self conscious about our bodies but I felt spectacular while I was there… just let down your guard and go for it!!!!” ~Miss T




“I loved the fact that you, the photographer, were female. I’m sure it would make any lady feel way more comfortable and I loved your website… I love the studio and the fact that you coach on how to pose which is super important for someone new starting out getting photos.”




“I absolutely LOVED getting my hair and makeup done by Kelly. I was nervous that I would look overdone and not like myself, Kelly makes sure that you’re happy with your look and follows what you request that makes you comfortable. She’s amazing and I’ve contacted her again just to do my hair and makeup for an event.”




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The stunning miss S came to came to visit us this summer to create a sensational and totally memorable gift for her fiance on their wedding day.

Here’s what Miss S had to say about her session with us: “I’ve suffered from body image issues and low self esteem for awhile now and have been trying to practice more self love so I thought what better way?! Also I am about to marry the most wonderful amazing man you truly loves every bit of me and finds me beautiful and desirable so I wanted to give him a wedding present that will knock him on his ass! He will be shocked – in the best possible way!!”




“Every image of yours that I have seen has been so beautiful! You capture the beauty in every woman you shoot in such an amazing way and I had to be a part of it! Every testimonial I read was encouraging and the whole process was seamless and there was never any pressure to book! I knew if I was going to be photographed without my clothes on I wanted to be in the best hands – and that is most definitely your team!”




“I was so scared that my photos weren’t going to turn out well and I would hate them all. Boy was I wrong!”









“Kelly was Amazing! I’ve had my hair and makeup done many times before and Kelly was the best experience I’ve had! She really listened to what I wanted and the little details and it turned out perfect!”









“It was amazing start to finish! Jen and Kelly are so amazing and I want to go back just to hangout and talk with them everyday! They literally make you feel like a bombshell! Can you say confidence booster?! I have been telling everyone who will listen that they need to do this! No matter your size, shape etc this is a must! It is so empowering!”




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