I had the pleasure of shooting the gorgeous Miss M for the second time while I was in Vegas a few weeks ago. She’s not only an amazing photographer but also a great friend of mine! Her studio, Cheeky Boudoir is located in Saratoga, NY.

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 002
Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 007
Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 001
Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 008
Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 004
Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 005

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I headed to Vegas a few weeks ago for an amazing photography convention and had the honour to photograph a few of my fav photographers- Miss J being one of them!
Here’s what J had to say about her experience with us:
“I wanted to see myself in pictures as the person I am now. I had been extremely heavy all of my adult life and just went through a huge weight loss transformation. Through this process I have become the strong woman that was hiding inside. I wanted to see for myself what I was feeling.
How were you feeling before your shoot? Any thoughts going through your head?
I was excited and extremely nervous. I was afraid I would not be able to express myself through facial expression nor let my guard down. Jennifer made me feel so comfortable and I was able to really embrace the moment & have fun!I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt hot, sexy and confident. I look at my images several times a day lol. I would say to every woman Do it now! You are beautiful as you are. It is just as much about the experience as it is the end result. Embracing your beauty is wonderful and much needed for every woman.”

Vancouver Boudoir Photography 004
Vancouver Boudoir Photography 007
Vancouver Boudoir Photography 001
Vancouver Boudoir Photography 008
Vancouver Boudoir Photography 011
Vancouver Boudoir Photography 013
Vancouver Boudoir Photography 012
Vancouver Boudoir Photography 016
Vancouver Boudoir Photography 020
Vancouver Boudoir Photography 018
Vancouver Boudoir Photography 017
Vancouver Boudoir Photography 019

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I wanted to write a post today directed to my American friends. As the value of the Canadian dollar continues to fall, we’re seeing more and more clients traveling up from the US to shoot with us. The exchange rate is very much in your favour! Our base package, which is $1500 Canadian dollars, works out to be approximately $1135 USD (check the current rate here: http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter ) We think now is a GREAT time for you to book your boudoir photo shoot with us in Vancouver!

Vancouver is an incredible city that we are proud to call home, and think it’s a must-see destination for every traveller! Kelly and I can help you plan your trip by suggesting great hotels and direct you to all the best restaurants. Discover more about our city on TourismVancouver.com

To help spread the word about the benefit of shooting with us in our Vancouver studio, we’ve decided to run a killer contest!

boudoir photography in canada 0001

All you have to do is post a photo on Instagram of your passport with some lingerie, and write the following:
“I’ve got my #pantiesandpassport ready for a photoshoot in Vancouver with @boudoir_studio!”

Get creative and have fun with it! Bonus points for anyone who posts a photo of themselves wearing the lingerie and holding their passport!

What you’ll win:
2 hour boudoir session with Jennifer Williams in her Vancouver Studio
Hair and makeup by Kelly Trerise
20 fully retouched images in a beautiful 6×8 Album
Digital copies of your album selections, delivered electronically.
Package value = $2000 CAD

*Winner is responsible for her own flight and accommodation, and must choose a shoot date in 2016. This prize has no cash value and is not transferable without our consent. One reschedule permitted, additional reschedules permitted for a $500 fee per rescheduled date.

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You may recognize Miss E from Filosophi Wedding and Event Planners!  Miss E first inquired with us a year ago and we’ve just recently gotten her to take the plunge and have a session with us 🙂 We are SO delighted that she came in for a shoot with us and we’re fawning over her stunning look, gorgeous Agent Provocateur lingerie in amazing and eye catching colours as well as her incredible Jeweliette Jewels!

Here’s what Erin had to say about her session with us: I am an event planner and have recommended Jen and the idea of boudoir photos many times over the years as a great idea for a grooms gift on the wedding day, and my clients always RAVE about it afterwards. I had never experienced it myself though, so when Jen invited me to come in, I jumped at the chance. While I had seen all of her stunning work, I didn’t think that I could do that, I imagined i would look awkward as heck, i consider myself truly not photogenic, and I’m definitely more class clown than smouldering temptress so the whole thing seemed like a long shot. But, you only live once, so worth a try just to see what I am sending my clients into.

The entire experience from when I said absolutely let’s do it till I got my photos back was unbelievable. Jen sent me prep emails about what to consider wearing, where to go to find lingerie, suggestions of how to flatter my body type, examples of posing and more. Shopping for lingerie was so much fun, I want to Holt Renfrew and Melanie at Agent Provocateur was incredible, it was the best and so easy. On the day of the shoot, I was still nervous about knowing how to pose and look at all not like an idiot. Kelly and Jen sat with me and looked through my clothes and Jewellery and talked about any wants or desires I had for the shoot, and off I went to hair and makeup with Kelly. Champagne in hand we chatted and I felt a little more relaxed, I wasn’t at all nervous about being in my skivvies in front of these two as they are so warm, welcoming and relaxed, but I was still wondering how I was gonna pull this off. 

The moment I stepped into the studio and ‘on set’ all of my fears disappeared as between jokes and pleasant chatting, Jen directed my posing completely, giving me feedback, specific instruction for every finger and toe, and loads of positive reinforcement. Sometimes the posing felt awkward and unnatural but knowing her work I totally trusted and went with it. This girl is a boudoir genius after all! The entire shoot was super easy, a no brainer, and… fun! I mean, everyone likes getting all dolled up and is not everyday you get to be all dolled up in pretty underwear so it was very movie star/model like and felt self indulgent in the best way. I felt like i had spoiled myself and once in a while spoiling yourself is time well spent. Like I said I’m a bit of a class clown and Jen even indulged me in letting me shoot a few shots in my signature mukluks and a mascot moose head – I really wanted to do something a tad off he wall, showing I don’t take myself too seriously, and something that was just very me and my odd sense of humour. I had expected her to say “Um, no” but what I got was a”heck yes!” because I think she really wanted to express me, quirkiness included.

I wasn’t expecting much with the photos, I mostly hate myself in photos, but I was floored when I saw them. It was strange but a pleasing strange to see the gallery… Is that me? I’m being sexy! I look… Not awkward! Lol. I was amazed. I actually love all the photos and picking a selecting was really hard! It was a truly pleasant surprise and I am beyond impressed with Jen and Kelly and what they created for me. 

On the whole I feel much better equipped to explain the whole experience to my clients now, and will certainly be strongly encouraging all my brides to consider doing this for their man, and maybe more so for themselves, because it truly was a treat from start to finish, and I don’t even have a groom to give them to – I bet that would be the best part. 

Thank you so much Jen and Kelly, it was an experience I won’t soon forget, I loved it.”

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 001

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 013

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 002

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 010

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 003

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 030

“Kelly completely nailed the hair and makeup – we were on the same page about the look right away and she managed to completely hide all traces of my  breakout and my post cold red nose like an all star. I felt like a million bucks and I also really enjoyed how much Kelly chatted with me while working, some stylists are super quiet and it gets boring and potentially awkward – when Kelly was done I wanted to stay and keep chatting, lol!”

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 006

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 004

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 016

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 005

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 007

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 032

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 024

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 022

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 019

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 031

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 027

Vancouver Boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 023

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