We’re so thankful when clients allow us to share some images with our blog readers… even if they are anonymous! We just love this wedding themed shoot that our client did for her upcoming nuptials. Her Fiancé is going to be blown away!

Here’s what this beauty had to say about her time with us and her first boudoir experience: “I was really nervous in the months leading up to the photo shoot. I was worried that I wouldn’t look sexy or wouldn’t feel comfortable and wouldn’t have fun. I put a lot of pressure on myself but then you were so good at keeping in contact with me, giving me tips on how to prepare for the photo shoot so I started to relax. From the second I walked in the door I knew I’d made the right choice. I felt like I’d know you and Kelly for years! I LOVE LOVE LOVED getting my makeup and hair done. It really set the stage for the day and gave me a chance to get to know you girls and unwind before I had to take my clothes off ha ha. Being from out of town it was so convenient to get it all done there so that I wasn’t running around Vancouver trying to find hair/makeup artists and trying to coordinate my “look” to match the photo shoot. The photo shoot was so fun. Actually, it was amazing. The combination of your personalities, the mimosas, the awesome music, your constant encouragement and the beautiful studio really came together to make my photo shoot the best experience ever. I felt so much more beautiful, sexy and empowered than I’ve ever felt before, it was just an unreal experience all around.”

anonymous boudoir session 001

anonymous boudoir session 002

anonymous boudoir session 003

anonymous boudoir session 004

anonymous boudoir session 005

anonymous boudoir session 006



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Miss L came to us to help her create an unforgettable gift for herself as well as her fiancés birthday. She was open and took direction from us well so her session was exactly what she was looking for.

Here are some words from Miss L on her experience with us at the studio: “I felt a little awkward but not nervous. No real thoughts in my head, just decided to take it as is as I didn’t know what to expect. Turned out it was perfect! It was beyond my expectations. I was especially happy with how open Jennifer was to ideas that had interested me as well as that Kelly was excellent at capturing me perfectly with her makeup skills as I do not wear makeup often and very little at that. I still felt like me at the end!”

Yaletown boudoir studio 001

Yaletown boudoir studio 002

Yaletown boudoir studio 003

Yaletown boudoir studio 004

Yaletown boudoir studio 005

Yaletown boudoir studio 006

Yaletown boudoir studio 007

Yaletown boudoir studio 008

Yaletown boudoir studio 009

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She’s. Got. Moves.

Oh man does she ever! Miss P came to shoot with us at the beginning of July and we were floored with how well she moved her gorgeous curves and was aware of her body. As you know we absolutely LOVE IT when clients leave their nerves at the door and come to their shoot excited and enthusiastic which is exactly what Miss P did.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience with us: “I was so nervous! On my walk over, I really had a moment realizing I would be posing in my underwear, and having a “girl” moment about my body and such. I’ve definitely had my fair share of body issues since I was a teen, and as comfortable as I am now in my skin, there are always days I feel a little less sparkly than others. But as soon as I came into the space,  I completely relaxed. I loved seeing the wall of photos of women of all shapes, sizes and colours being celebrated and showcases in such a beautiful and alluring way.

I told Kelly that I felt so weird not putting my makeup on in the morning. What a treat to be beautified by her! When I got home, I didn’t want to take off my makeup! I really respect and appreciate you showcasing multiple women from all walks of life. You obviously have created a platform and experience that helps women break out of their shells and be open to sharing their images…it all comes down to seeing an image for some women of someone who looks like them, and a trigger can happen!

Creating, emphasizing a beautiful space and positive message of body love + feminity are really the key factors. Every image I’ve seen of Jennifer and Kelly’s work is stunning and reflects an artistic expression as opposed to just sexy women. Good lighting, coaching, and honesty about what looks good and what jewelry works really sets you ladies apart. You’re the experts, and aren’t afraid to mentor and share what works.  THANK YOU BOTH!”

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 001

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 002

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 003

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 005

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 004

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 006

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 007

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 008

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 010

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 011

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 012

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 013

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 014

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 016

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 015

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 017

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 018

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 019

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 020

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 021

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 022

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 023

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 024

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 025

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 026



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If you’ve put lots of time, effort and pride into decorating your home, we’d love to help you create memories there! We typically shoot our boudoir sessions in our Yaletown studio but this stunning client has the most gorgeous apartment and we thought it would only make sense to take advantage of the chic and luxurious finishes.  Our style is sophisticated, sexy, subtle and modern so we like to emanate that in all of our images. If you think your place embodies those traits then let us know and we’d be happy to see if it has enough natural light for us to come shoot you in!

Thank you so much to our client for allowing us into her home and allowing us to share her images with you!


Vancouver boudoir photographer 001

Vancouver boudoir photographer 002

Vancouver boudoir photographer 003

Vancouver boudoir photographer 004

Vancouver boudoir photographer 006

Vancouver boudoir photographer 007

Vancouver boudoir photographer 008

Vancouver boudoir photographer 009

Vancouver boudoir photographer 010

Vancouver boudoir photographer 011

Vancouver boudoir photographer 012

Vancouver boudoir photographer 013

Vancouver boudoir photographer 014


Vancouver boudoir photographer 015

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