“I decided to do a session for a couple of reasons. One because I just wanted to do it for myself and two because as a fellow photographer I think it’s extremely important to put yourself in the shoes of your client. And if you’re going to do that you might as well be sure to do it with with one hell of a team!

What sold me on choosing your team was you’re work of course! It speaks for itself. I knew if I was going to do this just a few short months after having a baby I wanted to be sure that I had someone who I could trust someone who I knew would make me look hot as hell. So choosing you was easy!

Like anyone I was nervous. I’m so used to being on the other side of the camera. But at the same time the excitement far out weighed any nerves. Jennifer and Kelly quickly make you feel like you’re just having fun with your girlfriends.” Miss K

“The best damn day ever! Like really f*ing amazing. If you’re thinking about doing a shoot do it. The only thing that you’ll end up regretting is that you waited and didn’t do one sooner. With Kelly working her magic and turning you into a bombshell to Jennifer telling you exactly what to do and when you’re in great hands. There’s absolutely nothing to loose from doing a session but the confidence you leave with is totally worth it.” ~Miss K

“I loved getting my hair and makeup done! It was great! Kelly really puts you at ease. You walk in excited but nervous but by the time your out of hair and makeup those nerves are all gone. Plus can we just talk about how freaking talented she is!! Kelly is like the first stop in your total transformation into a bombshell.” ~Miss K

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The gorgeous Miss A is back for her 5th shoot (but who’s counting?!) and we loved her images so much we decided to break up her session into a 2 parter.

Our summer schedule is now 70% sold out. If you were hoping to shoot with us this year get in touch soon so we can get your session secured!

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The ever gorgeous and effortless Miss B is back with part 2 of her sexy and epic session. Part 1 was all about her upcoming nuptials so we focused on pretty, soft and bright. Part 2 is sexy, a little dangerous and edgy AF. Let us know if you like it!

To book your own session click our contact link and get in touch today!


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We’re super excited to showcase Miss M on the blog this week! She’s a friend of ours and we LOVED having her in the studio for a seriously sexy play date!

Here’s what Miss M had to say about her first boudoir session with us: “I did a shoot for myself after my son was born, as a thank you to my body for going through something so amazing. I’ve been working out a ton, and taking care of myself, so this one was definitely for my husband! I’ve been following and lusting after JW for years, and have always wanted to be photographed by Jen. She is a true artist! 

Before my shoot I was Nervous! It didn’t matter that I know Jen and Kelly, and didn’t matter that I personally have photographed hundreds of women, I was still super scared to be on the other side of the camera.  But that all dissipated quickly! Do it! There is no better time then now to face your fears, and preserve this moment of your life. I am blown away by the images that Jen captured, and already can’t wait to do another one with Jen and Kelly! I love you both soooooooooooooo much! Thank you!” ~Miss M

“I felt stunning! Kelly is a true artist, my makeup was beautiful, and my hair was totally like a mermaid, which is what I wanted!”



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