The gorgeous Miss J came to visit us to create a gift for herself on her 30th birthday… plus she knew that her brand new hubby would absolutely LOVE them too! And she was right!

Here’s what J had to say about her time with us: “I was turning 30 and just recently got married and so I felt like I deserved a present to myself! Several years ago I had googled boudoir shoots in Vancouver and you were one of the first hits that showed up. What I loved the most (other than your stunning photos!) was the decor and background, it was in line with my style. Three years later you’re still in business and thriving so it worked out perfectly! I loved that you have Kelly doing hair and makeup as well – so convenient and one less thing I had to coordinate myself. Thank you ladies!”

Thank you Miss J for allowing us to share some anonymous images on our blog!


Boudoir Studio in Vancouver 001

Boudoir Studio in Vancouver 002

Boudoir Studio in Vancouver 003

Boudoir Studio in Vancouver 004

Boudoir Studio in Vancouver 005

Boudoir Studio in Vancouver 006

Boudoir Studio in Vancouver 007

Boudoir Studio in Vancouver 008

Boudoir Studio in Vancouver 011

Boudoir Studio in Vancouver 014

Boudoir Studio in Vancouver 015






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The stunning and vivacious Miss C came to us recently for a couple of profound reasons.  Firstly it’s her 5 year wedding anniversary with her hubby this year but also because the courageous Miss C battled breast cancer last year and wants to celebrate herself and her life to the fullest. We commend Miss C for going though the most devastating of times with a smile on her face and we’re super honoured that she came to us to help her celebrate. Thank you Miss C for allowing us to share your images and your story!

Here’s what C had to say about her experience with us: “I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir shoot. And now that my 5th wedding anniversary is coming up I thought hey why time like now! Plus its a major celebration of my life..literally, as I battled breast cancer last year….annnnd the fact I’ve lost most my baby weight. So a proud moment that I wanted to celebrate for myself!

I chose Jennifer and Kelly because honestly, the amazing reviews and I like your style out of all the other places I saw online. I was verrrry nervous and was worried I wouldn’t be sexy but I LOVED IT! the girls make it very relaxing and the setting is amazing and comfortable. If anyone is contemplating it I say go for it. Im soo glad I did it!!

Great job on what you both do!!!! From beginning to end everything ran very smooth, from the frequent emails to help with prep to the amazing professional environment. There isn’t anything I’d change!!”

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 002

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 006

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 001

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 003

“LOVED LOVED LOVED! my makeup…  my 2 looks were spot on, I looked like an enhanced version myself and felt like myself…. exactly what I wanted!”

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 004

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 005

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 008

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 012

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 013

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 026

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 016

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 021

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 018

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 020

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 023

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 022

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 025

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 011

Boudoir Studio Vancouver 027

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The gorgeous Miss M came to visit us during this time of year so we could help her create an incredible gift for her fiance on her wedding day. We loved how her images turned out but more importantly Miss M and her hubby LOVED how the images turned out. Another perfect wedding gift in the books!

If you’re thinking of booking a session for yourself, get in touch today. Our August and September dates are very limited and are booking up quickly! We hope to see you here in the studio!

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer jennifer Williams 002

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer jennifer Williams 019

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer jennifer Williams 003

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer jennifer Williams 001

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer jennifer Williams 009

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer jennifer Williams 005

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer jennifer Williams 012

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer jennifer Williams 013

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer jennifer Williams 014

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer jennifer Williams 006

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer jennifer Williams 016

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer jennifer Williams 017

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer jennifer Williams 004

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer jennifer Williams 015

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer jennifer Williams 018

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This gorgeous gal came to shoot at the JW studio a while back and I had the opportunity to try some new and exciting things with her. Isn’t she just gorgeous?! We loved her different and interesting lingerie. We encourage you to step out of the box when choosing your outfits!

If you’ve been thinking of booking with us this year go ahead and get in touch as we’re SUPER limited on weekend dates for the rest of the year. Our shooting schedule is the busiest it’s ever been!

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 001

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 002

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 003

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 004

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 007

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 008

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 009

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 012

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 013

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 014

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 016

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 015

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 018

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 017

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 021

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 023

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 027

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 026

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 025

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 024


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