We’re thrilled to share some anonymous images of Miss L , who came to our Vancouver boudoir photography studio to create some beautiful intimate photographs as a wedding gift to her husband.

vancouver boudoir photography 0003

vancouver boudoir photography 0004

vancouver boudoir photography 0001

vancouver boudoir photography 0002

vancouver boudoir photography 0006

vancouver boudoir photography 0007

vancouver boudoir photography 0008

vancouver boudoir photography 0009

vancouver boudoir photography 0010

vancouver boudoir photography 0011

vancouver boudoir photography 0012

We may be biased, but we think that a gorgeous boudoir album is the perfect wedding gift for your groom. It’s something personal, intimate, and most importantly, not something he can buy himself (or become obsolete). This is something you can enjoy for your entire lives.

Not sure how he’ll react? We are currently building our collection of reaction shots, they are priceless! Check out our Happy Grooms here.

Want to give your honey the gift he will NEVER forget? Book your boudoir photo shoot with us!

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Miss M was so very gracious and allowed me to share some of our favourite images from her boudoir shoot! Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“I’ve been trying to age gracefully, but like everybody does, I get moments when I freak out about the quickly approaching 50, ok for me it’s 49. My oldest child is getting ready to go to college and I’m trying to tap into the 23 year old that still lives on inside me. Classic case of mid-life crisis I guess. Just wanted to prove to myself that I still got it in me :) 

I love the work that you’ve done! I love the positive spin you put on everything on your website and the way that you and Kelly are represented, it just seemed like a positive, fun experience, and it was! I honestly don’t remember if I saw you on Facebook or Pinterest first but have become a fan in both places! When hubby and I planned a vacation to go to Vancouver I wasn’t sure if it would be in the budget and hubby said I’d be really bummed to go all the way to Vancouver and not have a session with you and I knew he was right.

It was a lot of fun! I highly recommend doing a boudoir shoot as it is not only fun, but left me with a confident positive attitude that I’m still feeling days after the shoot! 

Keep being awesome:)”

boudoir shoot 0001

boudoir shoot 0002

boudoir shoot 0003

boudoir shoot 0004

boudoir shoot 0005

boudoir shoot 0006

boudoir shoot 0007

boudoir shoot 0008

boudoir shoot 0009

We have since received another email from M:

“I must say that every time I see your blogs that your amazing work makes me want to do another photo shoot. With every post you have, I find myself reminded of how much fun it was working with you and how great I felt afterwards.  That whole day was perfect! When my husband picked me up that afternoon he was waiting in the car out front, anxious to hear all about it, and even had a bouquet of flowers for me. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to work with you and Kelly.

Best wishes for your continued success!



One of the sweetest women I’ve ever met. Thank you M xox



Another stunning Vancouver boudoir session to share today. Thank you H for allowing me to share a few anonymous images from our shoot! vancouver boudoir 0001

vancouver boudoir 0002

vancouver boudoir 0003

See what our clients say about doing their boudoir photo shoot with us HERE. Book your shoot HERE!

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Miss E came to us to do a boudoir photography session as a gift for her 10th wedding anniversary.  Thank you E for allowing us to share some anonymous shots! Here’s what she had to say about her photo shoot:

“It was amazing!!! I want to do it again! It’s so nice to do something just for you. I love being a wife and a mother, but it was nice to just be a sexy woman for a few hours!  You both also did an amazing job of making me feel comfortable from start to finish. The atmosphere was super relaxed and fun. I also love, love, love what Kelly did with my hair and makeup!”

boudoir photography 0001

boudoir photography 0002

boudoir photography 0003

boudoir photography 0004

boudoir photography 0005

Book a shoot for yourself, you deserve it!


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