We’ve picked up momentum in our Vancouver boudoir studio and we are going forward in 2014 ready to take on more clients and give hundreds more women in this city the opportunity to know what it’s like to feel sexy in your own skin. We send a mini-interview to our clients after their session, to get feedback about their experience. Here’s a snippet of M’s interview:
Q. Now that you’ve had your boudoir photo shoot, how was it? What would you say to someone considering doing a boudoir shoot?
“HA! unreal. Being with the girls is like hanging out with your BFFs. I would say “bucket list” experience, an investment you (and any man in your life) will never regret, and always be happy about the decision. 
It was amazing, You should know how incredible this service is. I can see how hard you work, and how much effort you put in behind the scenes (behind the photoshoots). I hope you guys get the recognition you deserve (world wide!!)”

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How smokin’ hot is she?? We are so lucky :)

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Today we get to share the stunning Miss E who booked her full-day boudoir photography session with us in the spring, both as a birthday gift for herself and to surprise her love.

“Jennifer and Kelly make you feel comfortable and beautiful and provide just the right amount of support. In addition, the informative and supporting emails in advance of the shoot are very helpful in making you feel prepared.”

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boudoir photography vancouver 0002

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Thank you to Miss A for choosing me to be her boudoir photographer in Vancouver and for allowing me to share a couple of anonymous shots on my blog. Here’s what she had to say about her experience with us:

“It was very fun. Jennifer and Kelly made me feel very comfortable. Jennifer gave great direction while doing the shoot so I knew exactly how to pose. I would recommend Jennifer to any of my friends considering doing a boudoir shoot. I thought the hair and makeup was perfect. I think that is a really nice touch before the shoot. Makes you feel excited for the shoot and feel more relaxed before you get started.”

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