As you all know, we’re now offering Glamour portrait sessions at the request of our clients!

Jasmin came to us for her second session to get some awesome shots done for her new website and podcast. Here’s what Jasmin had to say about us and her business! Need new head shots? Need to update your website or dating profile? Contact us here to come in for a Glamour Portrait session!

Jen and Kelly, it was an absolute delight to work with you again, and I am honored to share a bit about my blog and podcast!

Kaizen Hustle is the name of both my blog and new podcast! Kaizen Hustle is an expression of my lifestyle, pursuing my passions with a relentless yet understanding mercy. No matter your ambitions or fears, I believe every moment of life should be approached with passion, grace, and tenacity. I believe that work and play should be integral, balanced, and appreciated. I believe in the purpose of every occurrence and individual in our lifetime and its effect on our growth and pursuit.

I am passionate about educating my clientele in a way that motivates and inspires them to care for themselves, making me a mere catalyst in their healing. The Kaizen Hustle blog is my written outlet to share as much education and my professional experience with whomever is open and interested in its content! I also love to share the latest and greatest in exciting news, such as being a co-author in a recent bestseller, Entrepreneur Success Stories!

As a budding health entrepreneur, I firmly believe in practicing what I preach. Daily, I preach health care and self-care, especially to women! We somehow always manage to allow our nurturing instincts to take over, and we forget to give 100% of ourselves back to us! I recently started training for fitness competitions, and to authentically share my challenges and successes, my podcast was born! The Kaizen Hustle podcast is my personal experience as an amateur bikini competitor. Competitive bodybuilding is not easy, and in my own research, I found few amateurs are open with their ups and downs of prep. I took my experience beyond blogging and took it to podcasting so you can literally hear how your mind and body changes over time. It is an incredible experience!  This is what Kaizen Hustle is about – the ‘little things’ that have a major impact in life, always changing for the better and continually improving!”


Glamour portrait 009

Glamour portrait 008

Glamour portrait 007

Glamour portrait 006

Glamour portrait 005

Glamour portrait 004

Glamour portrait 003

Glamour portrait 002

Glamour portrait 001

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I was in Maui earlier this summer and I had the opportunity to shoot a look book for Sublime Swimwear company.  This gorgeous gal is wearing a Seafolly bikini and we think it looks so incredible with the stunning backdrop of the Maui flora and fauna!  If you have a company that you’d like a look book shot for let us know! We’re branching into corporate and look book shoots and we totally love it!

swimwear editorial lookbook seafolly Maui 001

swimwear editorial lookbook seafolly Maui 002

swimwear editorial lookbook seafolly Maui 003

swimwear editorial lookbook seafolly Maui 004

swimwear editorial lookbook seafolly Maui 005

swimwear editorial lookbook seafolly Maui 006

swimwear editorial lookbook seafolly Maui 007

swimwear editorial lookbook seafolly Maui 008

swimwear editorial lookbook seafolly Maui 009

swimwear editorial lookbook seafolly Maui 011

swimwear editorial lookbook seafolly Maui 012

swimwear editorial lookbook seafolly Maui 013

swimwear editorial lookbook seafolly Maui 014

swimwear editorial lookbook seafolly Maui 015

swimwear editorial lookbook seafolly Maui 016

swimwear editorial lookbook seafolly Maui 010


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Miss A came to us in the beginning of July to create some images of herself that she could cherish forever! The consensus from the 3 of us in the studio that day was that we start really owning our confidence and power as women in our 30’s and Miss A let us know that it gets even better in the 40’s! We want to celebrate all women in all walks of life and we love and appreciate when women come in to the studio with a real sense of who they are and their confidence and self love shines through, exactly like Miss A here.  Thank you for allowing us to share your stunning images Miss A! #babetown

Here’s What Miss A had to say about her experience in the studio with us: “It was actually a lot of fun and I loved how you both helped out greatly along the way in terms of posing and being made to feel totally comfortable. I have always a thought about doing a boudoir shoot but I had never followed through… I figured it was time to go for it!”

Jennifer Williams boudoir photography 003

Jennifer Williams boudoir photography 001

Jennifer Williams boudoir photography 002

Jennifer Williams boudoir photography 004

Jennifer Williams boudoir photography 005

Jennifer Williams boudoir photography 007

Jennifer Williams boudoir photography 008

Jennifer Williams boudoir photography 010

Jennifer Williams boudoir photography 009

Jennifer Williams boudoir photography 011

Jennifer Williams boudoir photography 012

Jennifer Williams boudoir photography 014

Jennifer Williams boudoir photography 013

Jennifer Williams boudoir photography 015

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Miss S flew from California to shoot her boudoir session with us. We take great care of each of our clients but we feel extra special when people go so our of their way to work with us and Miss S is no exception :) She was fun loving, totally stunning and an absolute sweetheart.

Here’s what Miss S had to say about her session with us: “I googled #1 boudoir and you were the first on the list! You were the style I was looking for! I wanted to give my future husband a gift he will enjoy. I don’t dress sexy at all for him so I knew this would be a treat. It was a lot of fun! I felt so comfortable and confident. I actually felt sexy in the clothes I was wearing. Thank you ladies for making my first boudoir experience a great one! I would love to come back for another shoot!”

Vancouver boudoir 001

Vancouver boudoir 002

Vancouver boudoir 005

Vancouver boudoir 006

Vancouver boudoir 007

Vancouver boudoir 008

Vancouver boudoir 009

Vancouver boudoir 010

Vancouver boudoir 011

Vancouver boudoir 013

Vancouver boudoir 014

Vancouver boudoir 015

Vancouver boudoir 016

Vancouver boudoir 017


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