While Kelly was away over the holidays I had the opportunity to do a creative shoot with Jaden, a gorgeous Vancouver based model and makeup artist!  The stunning lingerie is from Love Letters in Lace, handmade lingerie in Vancouver, and Jaden did her own hair and makeup!

I’m obsessed with the scrumptious light in these images. Lucky sunny winter day! *swoon*
Vancouver boudoir studio 014

Vancouver boudoir studio 013

Vancouver boudoir studio 012

Vancouver boudoir studio 002

Vancouver boudoir studio 001

Vancouver boudoir studio 003

Vancouver boudoir studio 004

Vancouver boudoir studio 005

Vancouver boudoir studio 006

Vancouver boudoir studio 007

Vancouver boudoir studio 008

Vancouver boudoir studio 009

Vancouver boudoir studio 011

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A one year wedding anniversary “traditional gift” is paper and what better way to deliver the gift then a sexy photo album of YOU?! That’s what Miss A came to the studio to accomplish and she totally knocked it out of the park! #babetown!

Here’s what she had to say about her experience with us at the studio: “The past year has been full of friends weddings and I overheard a few ladies talking about your studio at a bridal shower. When I got home I checked out your website and absolutely loved everything I saw. After checking out the reviews and your portfolio compared to other studios I knew that I wanted to work with you guys for my one year anniversay! All your work is so tasteful and gorgeous. It was one of the most fun and liberating experiences I have had. Proof once again that stepping outside your comfort zone usually leads to great memories and adventures.
I would, and already have told all my friends that they have to do this.
This started off as a present for my husband, and it turned into something for me. Honestly even if he never saw the photos I’m so happy I did this for myself. I’ve never felt sexy like this before and this definitely gave me that confidence boost, I left feeling gorgeous! It was the best experience I could have asked for in my first boudoir photo shoot!”

Jennifer Williams- Boudoir Photographer 001

Jennifer Williams- Boudoir Photographer 003

Jennifer Williams- Boudoir Photographer 002

Jennifer Williams- Boudoir Photographer 004

Jennifer Williams- Boudoir Photographer 005

Jennifer Williams- Boudoir Photographer 006

Jennifer Williams- Boudoir Photographer 007

Jennifer Williams- Boudoir Photographer 011

Jennifer Williams- Boudoir Photographer 010

Jennifer Williams- Boudoir Photographer 009

Jennifer Williams- Boudoir Photographer 008


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We shot Miss L when we were last in Edmonton in October to help her create a gift for herself to celebrate the woman she has become during this stage of her life!

L’s testimonial speaks for itself!!: “From the moment I decided to do the shoot there were doubts on almost a daily basis. Before leaving for my shoot, I was nervous, I was feeling insecure about my body and the things that I disliked the most. I wasn’t skinny enough, my skin wasn’t perfect, I didn’t buy the right lingerie to wear….no matter what it was, I was thinking about it. Walking up to the door I remember feeling nauseous and unsure but that all changed! Everything I was feeling prior to the shoot disappeared the second I walked through the door. I was greeted by Jennifer and she gave me a glass of champagne and told me to relax! While getting my hair and make-up done, Jen just talked to me like we had known each other forever. She put me at ease and made me feel comfortable before I even started shooting. When I started shooting, Jennifer was amazing! She made me feel gorgeous, coached me through different poses, and made the experience feel fun! I could physically feel myself relax with every different pose, outfit and click of the camera. For anyone considering doing a boudoir shoot, I would say stop thinking about it and do it! Put aside the idea that you have to lose twenty pounds, or you need to accomplish some big life events first, this experience will make you love yourself as the women that you are right now in your life. You will feel empowered, confident, and smokin’ when you walk away from the shoot!”

Boudoir Images 001

Boudoir Images 003

Boudoir Images 002

Boudoir Images 005

Boudoir Images 006

Boudoir Images 004

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We LOVED shooting with this gorgeous gal during my last trip to Edmonton. She flew in from another province to have a session with me and I feel so honoured.

Here’s what she had to say about her session: “I wanted to do a boudoir session with Jennifer for as long as I have been following her (4 years!) However due to being thousands of miles apart and just coming out of school it never seemed like the right time… UNTIL… I became engaged! Then I had to do it! What better gift to give my future hubby?!!! 

Not going to lie, I was nervous and equally parts excited to shoot with and finally meet Jennifer!!!!!
I can honestly say the minute I met her my nerves faded away and totally and sheer excitement replaced it! You know when you can feel someone’s genuine beauty from the moment you meet them?! Jennifer is truly a gorgeous human being inside and out! She is ridiculously talented and I had such a blast shooting with her!!! If your thinking about it and on the fence…. I have 2 words for you…. DO IT!!!!
You won’t regret it!!!”

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 001

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 003

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 002

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 004

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 005

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