After finishing our last shoot of the year (95 total!), I was reflecting on all of the amazing clients we’ve had in the studio and how much I’ve grown as a photographer this year.  I’ve been really working on evoking more emotion from my clients, creating more passionate, flirtatious, powerful and sensual boudoir photography.

I want my work to be more than ‘pretty pictures’.

I want to render my clients speechless, make their jaw hit the floor as they exclaim “I can’t believe that’s me!”.

I want to lead each woman I work with down a path of self discovery; instilling confidence, self-love, and strength.

I want to push the envelope, working with my clients to create images that that will inspire amazing uninhibited, passionate sex. I want to light the spark that still lives inside each woman.

I’ll be forever grateful for each of the women I have photographed for trusting me enough to let me take them to a vulnerable place where we can create images that will make the viewer feel something.

I thought it might be fun to share some of my favourite images from 2015 blog posts…and ended up with 80-something photos. This is the first  in a series of 3 posts. Enjoy!

PS I’ve linked all of the images to their respective blog posts so you can see all of the images from that shoot. Simply click the photo and the link will open in a new tab.

0001 vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-boudoir-photography-studio-0010

0002 vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-boudoir-photography-studio-00011

0003 vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-boudoir-photography-studio-00052

0004 vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-boudoir-photography-studio-00042

0005 vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-boudoir-photography-studio-00091

0006 vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-boudoir-photography-studio-00034

0007 vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-boudoir-photography-studio-00074

0008 boudoir-photography-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-0005-1

0009 vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-boudoir-photography-studio-00083

0010 vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-boudoir-photography-studio-00027

0012 boudoir-photography-by-vancouver-boudoir-photographer-jennifer-williams-017-723x482

0011 boudoir-photography-by-vancouver-boudoir-photographer-jennifer-williams-0091-723x482

0014 nyc-boudoir-photography-in-new-york-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-0012

0013 nyc-boudoir-photography-in-new-york-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-0018

0016 boudoir-photography-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-0005 0017 boudoir-photography-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-00021

0018 boudoir-photography-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-00111

0019 boudoir-photography-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-0015

0020 boudoir-photography-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-0013

0021 boudoir-photography-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-00091

0022 boudoir-photography-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-00082

0023 boudoir-photography-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-00013

0024 boudoir-photography-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-00083

0025 boudoir-photography-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-0004

0026 boudoir-photography-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-00051

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Miss D came to visit us at our Vancouver Boudoir Studio in September to create an incredible gift for herself. She said “After raising 4 daughters, I’m looking to reconnect with who I am now that they are growing up and I am finding myself spending more time with me!”. We absolutely love when women find the value in reconnecting with themselves and we’re absolutely honoured that Miss D came from the USA and chose us to help her tap into her feminine, sexy and powerful self.

Here’s what Miss D had to say about her full experience with us: “What thought didn’t go through my head? Nervous, excited, received your informative emails to help practice my posing, spoiled myself for the first time in years (as instructed by the prepping for your shoot email). The shoot was so much more than just a few hours. It started the day I booked! You ladies have mastered your art as a team. My only suggestion is to stay in business forever! What you do for us ladies is magical! You are so much more then a photography studio, your a destination location, ladies! The build up to the shoot was a few weeks of being self indulgent. The day of the shoot was a day of being spoiled! From mimosas, to conversation, hair, make up, even assistance hooking my garter belt to my hose… ladies didn’t miss a beat at making me feel fabulous! There is nothing better then hearing your photographer says you look “gorgeous” while your posing. I should have recorded that as a ringtone….lol!!” 

Boudoir Studio 001

Boudoir Studio 002

Boudoir Studio 003

Boudoir Studio 004

Boudoir Studio 005

Boudoir Studio 006

Boudoir Studio 007

Boudoir Studio 008

Boudoir Studio 009

Boudoir Studio 010

Boudoir Studio 011

Boudoir Studio 012

Boudoir Studio 013

Boudoir Studio 014

“Kelly, The looks I received after the shoot told me I looked as good as I felt!”

Boudoir Studio 015

Boudoir Studio 016

Boudoir Studio 017

Boudoir Studio 020

Boudoir Studio 019

Boudoir Studio 018


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Miss M came all the way from South Carolina to have her session with us and we couldn’t have felt more honoured! She handles herself with confidence and charisma and we think that it shines through in every shot.

Here’s what M had to say about her time in our Vancouver studio: “Having done a shoot a few years ago with another photographer when I was 22, as a young woman right out of college, I thought it was important to document myself at 27 as well, married and thinking about starting a family. I’ve admired your work for years and knowing that we would be in the area for a wedding, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to come in for a session! I was definitely very excited and a little nervous before my shoot. I definitely understand how clients feel when it comes to the unknown of how the shoot will go and being unsure about the outfits that you’ve decided to bring! IT WAS AMAZING. Jennifer and Kelly do an amazing job of making you feel super comfortable. As soon as I walked in, I knew I was in good hands. Kelly makes you extra gorgeous and Jennifer coaches you in posing and expression to perfection. I did not know that I could look like that, and the confidence that those images give you is wonderful. Every woman should go through the experience of a boudoir photoshoot, it’s an indescribable experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything! You guys were awesome, thank you so much for eeeeverything!”

Lingerie Photography 001

Lingerie Photography 002

Lingerie Photography 003

Lingerie Photography 005

Lingerie Photography 004

Lingerie Photography 006

Lingerie Photography 007

Lingerie Photography 008

“I felt incredible having my hair and makeup done, Kelly is fantastic and I wish I could have her to make me ready for the day every day! You can’t have a bad day when you feel so freakin’ awesome about how you look!”

Lingerie Photography 009

Lingerie Photography 010

Lingerie Photography 011

Lingerie Photography 012

Lingerie Photography 013

Lingerie Photography 014

Lingerie Photography 015


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It’s that time of year. The time where you wrap up a gift with a pretty little bow and wait in anticipation while your partner opens his gift. Why don’t you blow his socks off this Christmas morning?

Trust us… He’ll LOVE it.

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