Miss J came to see us a couple of months back and we were WOWED by everything about her. What a stunner! This post is not suitable for work and has some nudity so please don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see nudes 🙂  J was an absolute treat and she was so excited with her session that she’s already come back for a second and we’re planning a third!

Here’s what J had to say about her time with us in the studio: “I’ve wanted to do a boudoir for myself, for when I’m older, when I can look back and see what I once l looked like. I wanted to be sexy, have fun completely on my own terms and have it captured. After considering a boudoir session and doing some local research Jennifer Williams was by far the stand-out choice for me. It’s hard for me pin-point exactly what it was but everything just looked better. The photos themselves, the make-up, the studio, the website and blog. You can tell all the details are noticed and taken care and it shows! Before my shoot I was both nervous and excited, naturally. I just keep thinking that I wanted to do well. Tricky though, considering I’ve never done it before which I think made me more nervous. Maybe you can call it performance anxiety? he he! The photo shoot was amazing. Jen and Kelly are an absolute blast too. They make the experience that much better. You can tell they love what they do and that you are in good hands which helps calm the nerves. It’s such a liberating feeling to do something so sexy for yourself. I couldn’t recommend it enough. You don’t need any reason except to do it for you! I loved having my hair and make-up done. It made me feel so special and glamorous, considering I’m not great at doing it on my own. A real treat!”

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 002

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 003

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 004

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 009

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 007

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 006

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 008

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 010

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 012

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 011

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 013

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 014

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 015

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 016

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 017

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Miss C came to us on a spontaneous whim and we’re so delighted she put her trust in us to create some incredible images for her. We’re always delighted when clients allow us to share… even if it’s just one photo. Thanks Miss C!

Here’s what she had to say about her experience with us: My session with Jennifer & Kelly was completely spontaneous. My husband was turning 60, and I thought I’d surprise him with some unexpected photos. When I arrived I wished I had actually prepared for this. You know: get rid of the greys, mani, peddy, lose 20 lbs!! I wondered, “I’m not even a size 10, never mind a 0 (??) what was I thinking!?” Within minutes however, they made me feel totally confident – and we had so much fun!!  They are so professional and supportive. I was blown away by the photos – and so was my darling husband! Most important for me however, my session with Kelly & Jennifer proved to me that I can still look good and feel beautiful – even with my 55 year old skin and curves. So thank you ladies, for an awesome afternoon, and proving to me that with just a bit more effort, I can feel that way every day. EVERYONE in my life has noticed the positive change. Thanks to your talent and TLC, I look and feel better than I have in years!”

Boudoir Session

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We’re always delighted when our clients allow us to share their images on our blog… even if it’s just a few we really appreciate being able to show future clients our up to date work 🙂

This is Miss K looking un. be. liev. able. a few weeks ago in our studio! Annnnd we totally covet her rose gold engagement ring. Beauty all around!  XO Jen+Kelly

Jennifer Williams Boudoir 001

Jennifer Williams Boudoir 002

Jennifer Williams Boudoir 004

Jennifer Williams Boudoir 003

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The gorgeous Miss A came to us to help her realize her vision of the best wedding gift in the world for her fiancé! Miss A had our “Exquisite” package which included an eye makeup change so we went from “day to night” with her look and picked the outfits to match the mood!

Here’s what Miss A had to say about her experience with us: “I wanted to give my fiancé something special as a wedding gift and I had been thinking of a boudoir photo shoot for a long time. I have just gone through a time of hating my body and then learning to love my body the way it is. It seemed like a good time in my “journey” to do the photo shoot. Plus…. I know my fiancé will absolutely love it!  I had googled boudoir photographers and your website and Facebook page with the videos of what a photo shoot would be like, put me at ease. Plus, I saw one of your blog posts about how you didn’t have to have a bunch of lingerie to do a shoot. I started to realize I could do one. I was really nervous before the shoot. I was nervous about how I would look. I was nervous about what to wear. I’ve never felt particularly comfortable in lingerie – I always feel like it doesn’t quite “suit” me but it was AMAZING!!! I had so much fun and I felt so good about myself that day. I have been recommending it to all of my friends. I think it was such a great experience and I would do it again! I absolutely loved it! I felt like a million bucks and I will come to Kelly for makeup for special events in the future. Loved my looks! Thank you!!!” 

Yaletown boudoir studio 001

Yaletown boudoir studio 002

Yaletown boudoir studio 003

Yaletown boudoir studio 004

Yaletown boudoir studio 005

Yaletown boudoir studio 006

Yaletown boudoir studio 007

Yaletown boudoir studio 008

Yaletown boudoir studio 009

Yaletown boudoir studio 010

Yaletown boudoir studio 011

Yaletown boudoir studio 012

Yaletown boudoir studio 013

Yaletown boudoir studio 015

Yaletown boudoir studio 016

Yaletown boudoir studio 014



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