Miss J wanted to create some sensual boudoir images to give to her husband for his 40th birthday, here’s what she had to say about his reaction to the beautiful book we designed for him:

“He absolutely loved the album! Before we even left the restaurant, I think he’d (covertly) looked through it at least three times! He is thrilled that I did this for him and so proud of his sexy wife.

THANK YOU and Kelly for being so fantastic at what you do! It was a great experience for me, and a really special way to celebrate my husband’s birthday!”

boudoir photography vancouver photographer

Contact us to book your session and create the gift he’ll never forget!

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Miss N came to us to create an epic anniversary gift for her husband. Below is her recap of the big reveal:

“When we arrived home after dinner,  I directed him to the little black gift bag.  “Another present?   A book??” .  When he opened the first page, he closed it quickly and dropped it on the bed… It was so fun to watch. 

He absolutely loves his book.

Thank you to both of you for making it all happen.  This is the first time I was able to let him know how much he means to me.”

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boudoir photography vancouver photographer 0002

This year we’ve had lots of women come to us to create incredible anniversary gifts for their husbands. If you’ve got a milestone anniversary coming up, or want to just surprise him out of the blue, contact us to set up a shoot date.

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There are 10 weeks left until Christmas, and our schedule is booking up! Boudoir for Christmas is a brilliant gift and one your husband/boyfriend/partner will never forget.

christmas boudoir

We strongly recommend booking early so we can ensure delivery before the holidays. Ready? BOOK ME IN!

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Thank you J for allowing us to share a few of your anonymous photos on our blog. This is what she had to say about her boudoir shoot:

“IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!! Made me feel sexy, wonderful and I can’t wait to show my soon to be hubbie!!! I would just tell someone considering boudoir to go in confident, choose outfits they are EXCITED to wear, and go for it! :) Trust Jennifer and Kelly – let them work their magic!”

boudoir photography vancouver 0001

boudoir photography vancouver 0002

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Wedding Boudoir Photography is something we love to do. If you would like to create something special for your soon-to-be husband, get in touch with us to book  your shoot with us!

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