The Glitterati is our *star* package. It’s a full day shoot with multiple hair and makeup changes, many outfit changes and includes all of the best bells and whistles! The STUNNING Miss C chose this package to celebrate her 50th birthday and we’re so honoured she chose us to help her celebrate.  We absolutely loved spending the day with her trying out new poses and makeup looks, playing with wigs and falls, and just generally coveting every second of our session that ended with tears of happiness and gratitude from both sides 🙂  She allowed us to share a small selection of her shots anonymously and we’re so thankful that she did!

Here’s a small snippet of what she had to say about her time with us: “Midlife poses many challenges, particularly to women in North American cultures. External and internal changes are inevitable and often more challenging than we are prepared for. I wanted to mark my 50th year with a true celebration of this stage in my life, as I’m proud of what I’ve done, who I am, and what I stand for. The quality of your work was immediately apparent and the testimonials speak to your integrity as people and as professionals. It was honestly one of the best days of my life….and this in part was because I was truly ready to embrace the entire experience and had a helluva lot of fun during the whole process.  Thank you…words do not adequately convey the depth of gratitude I am feeling right now. Today was a true celebration of so many things, including both closure and new beginnings. Already I am getting questions from friends on how the day went and how much they would like to do this too…..and believe me, I’m lauding your skills to the rafters. Your gifts are real; treasure them, and keep on doing what you love. It DOES make a huge difference….each of you have a unique ability in bringing that out in your clients.”

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The gorgeous Miss S came to our studio to create a 10 year anniversary gift for her husband that he will never (EVER!) forget! We loved her openness, willingness to try some new poses and her general happy and smiling attitude! It means the world to us when clients come in excited for their session!

Here’s what Miss S had to say about her experience with us: “I wanted to do something special and a little different than what i had done in the past for anniversary gifts. It is for our ten year wedding anniversary so i thought i better surprise my husband with some sexy but still classy lingerie shots. I’ve been following your work on facebook for at least two years now and love each session you have posted during that time. What i really appreciate are not only the signature shots and style your portray time and time, but also the REAL women on your page. I don’t have confidence in someone who can only make models look great. You make all women look their best! I was feeling pretty nervous before the shot. I’m fairly confident behind the camera but in front is a different story. I was wondering if i picked the right lingerie, if my trouble spots would be okay in such skimpy attire, etc… but I felt amazing afterwards. Not to mention the bombshell make up! I would definitely encourage others to get that same confidence boost you both gave me. As a trained makeup artist myself i’m pretty particular about others doing my makeup or hair. I was pleasantly surprised that Kelly did such a great job that i couldn’t pick it apart in any way. Even my sister in law who is also a makeup artist loved the look!”

Jennifer Williams Boudoir 001

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Jennifer Williams Boudoir 005

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Jennifer Williams Boudoir 007




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This one’s a DOOZY! We just loved this girl and her effortlessly bombshell ways.  We shot model Georgia a few weeks ago in an exclusive downtown loft that we have access to until the end of September. Please let us know if you’d like to shoot here and we’ll make it happen for you!

Kelly did an incredible green smokey eye and that just-tousled hair that we all die to have and we think the vibe complements the look we’re going for perfectly! Georgia is wearing Agent Provocateur in this session which you can pick up from the girls at Holt Renfrew on Granville street. We absolutely love them there and they take great care with each of our clients. She’s also rocking the stunning pearl necklaces from C+C Lifestyles By Design. We’re looking to shoot more look books or editorial campaigns for lingerie, swimwear and commercial fashion/accessories companies so if you’re interested in our work please get in touch and we’ll send you our look book and full day rates.

And now…. Georgia!

Vancouver boudoir studio 001

Vancouver boudoir studio 003

Vancouver boudoir studio 002

Vancouver boudoir studio 005

Vancouver boudoir studio 006

Vancouver boudoir studio 007

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Vancouver boudori

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We’re so thankful when clients allow us to share some images with our blog readers… even if they are anonymous! We just love this wedding themed shoot that our client did for her upcoming nuptials. Her Fiancé is going to be blown away!

Here’s what this beauty had to say about her time with us and her first boudoir experience: “I was really nervous in the months leading up to the photo shoot. I was worried that I wouldn’t look sexy or wouldn’t feel comfortable and wouldn’t have fun. I put a lot of pressure on myself but then you were so good at keeping in contact with me, giving me tips on how to prepare for the photo shoot so I started to relax. From the second I walked in the door I knew I’d made the right choice. I felt like I’d know you and Kelly for years! I LOVE LOVE LOVED getting my makeup and hair done. It really set the stage for the day and gave me a chance to get to know you girls and unwind before I had to take my clothes off ha ha. Being from out of town it was so convenient to get it all done there so that I wasn’t running around Vancouver trying to find hair/makeup artists and trying to coordinate my “look” to match the photo shoot. The photo shoot was so fun. Actually, it was amazing. The combination of your personalities, the mimosas, the awesome music, your constant encouragement and the beautiful studio really came together to make my photo shoot the best experience ever. I felt so much more beautiful, sexy and empowered than I’ve ever felt before, it was just an unreal experience all around.”

anonymous boudoir session 001

anonymous boudoir session 002

anonymous boudoir session 003

anonymous boudoir session 004

anonymous boudoir session 005

anonymous boudoir session 006



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