Miss R was an absolute pleasure to have in the studio. With confidence and grace she moved around the studio like she was totally in her element. She allowed us to direct her and ease the sensuality out of her and we’re so thrilled with how her session turned out. Can you say #bombshell!!

Here’s some words from Miss R on her time with us at the studio: “It was just as amazing as I thought it would be. The studio is gorgeous. The company was delightful. It felt like a fun girls day with friends playing dress up! I truly believe every woman of every shape, size and age should do a boudoir photoshoot. It is so powerful to feel gorgeous, and sensual in your body. Its an amazing confidence booster, and it is SO MUCH FUN! So many women wait until they have “lost 5 pounds” or other silly excuses, but NOW is the best time. Why wait to feel gorgeous and sexy. All women are beautiful in their own way, and doing something as liberating as a boudoir shoot is a fabulous way to let that beauty shine. I love boudoir photography. Its such a powerful statement to see women embracing their sensuality and beauty. Society unfortunately has women thinking they need to cover up, and that sexuality is a bad thing, and in reality, its the exact opposite. It is empowering for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.”



“Kelly was amazing. She was lovely to chat to, and did a fabulous job. There are few feelings better than having your hair and makeup done by a true professional who you can tell takes pride in what she does. I felt gorgeous, sassy, powerful, and like I was glowing when she was finished. I would work with Kelly again in a heartbeat!”

















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If you guys have been following us on social media for any length of time you’ve met us like a million times before but in case you haven’t… I’m Kelly (purple hair! hiiii!) and I’m the beauty queen here at JW and that’s Jen to the right (pink hair! hiiiii!) who is the master behind the camera! We love what we do so much and we’re always trying to create new and stunning art for our incredible clients. Jen, myself and my sister Morgan got together a few weeks ago so I could try out some new makeup colours (Urban Decay “Naked Smokey” palette on all 3 of us) and Jen could try our some new beauty shot angles. We totally love the new images and we’re excited to give you an amazing beauty shot in your session too!









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Miss J booked our full day shoot which comes with makeup changes, numerous outfit changes and tons of hours of FUN! It’s our personal favourite to shoot so we always love it when a client wants to indulge herself in a full day of pampering… Jennifer and Kelly style! 🙂

Here’s what Miss J had to say about her session with us: “I originally decided to do the boudoir as part of my hubby’s 40th birthday present but after booking it, I felt it was more for myself! I want to have something to look back at a few years down the road and remember how awesome I looked!!! I wasn’t familiar with boudoir photography so naturally I did my research on the net and a few photographers came up in the search but after going through a few, I knew immediately that Jennifer Williams Boudoir was the one for me! She had the same vision as how I wanted to see myself. Everything from the studio, the poses and make-up was so well put together. A few days before the shoot I was so excited! I just wanted the day to get here but I must admit the day before I was a bit nervous! It wasn’t so much of being self-concious as I had a baby 10 months ago so I’m use to doctors seeing me in close to nothing but more that all the girls from the previous shoot look sooo amazing! I was afraid I wouldn’t see myself that way! But as soon as I walked into the studio and were greeted by Jenn and Kelly, all those feelings went away and I was back to feeling excited!”

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 001

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 002

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 003

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 004

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 005

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 006

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 007

“Man, the shoot was AMAZING!!!! I have nothing but praises for the girls. Jenn and Kelly were both so sweet, super talented and personable! I’m sure this has been said time and time again but if you are considering a boudoir shoot, JUST DO IT!!!! You will have no regrets! Now that my shoot is over, I must say that I am sad because it’s over but I will be back to do another one!!!!”

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 008

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 009

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 010

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 011

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 012

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 013

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 017

“I wanted to slow down time but unfortunately that’s impossible. I didn’t want it to end! Everything was beyond perfect!”

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 014

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 015

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 016

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We worked with model Kortney on this session to showcase this gorgeous lux lingerie from Tease. Check out their inventory here: https://instagram.com/teaseluxlingerie/

We love the different designs, textures and styles available through Tease and Kortney totally rocked the session! And we LOVE the navy smokey eye that Kelly did!

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 001

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 002

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 003

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 004

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 005

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 006

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 007

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 008

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 009

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 010

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 011

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 012

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 013

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 014

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 015

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 018

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 017

Tease lingerie creative boudoir session 016




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