We absolutely LOVE getting dolled up so it’s only natural that when we needed to update our website photos (HELLO pink hair!) we went all out in sparkles, glitter and don’t forget the champagne! (and yes… every client gets champagne!)

We wanted to share some of our “out takes” and behind the scenes shots so you can get to know us a little better! Some notes about Jen + Kelly… We’re best friends who met through our love of boudoir. We’re kooky (I mean we have pink and purple hair!), we’re a little out of the box and we’re about as far away from intimidating as you can get. We’re social girls who love to yap away with our clients, get to know each woman in our studio and become genuine friends with them.

Fun facts: We’re small (Jen- 5’1″) and tall (Kelly- 5’10”) we’re pink (Jen) and purple (Kelly), we’re glitter and smiles, we’re champagne and rosé on Friday nights, we’re reality tv and world travel and most importantly we live our passion EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Boudoir is our life and we’re so excited to show you why. Come and play with us and we promise that you’ll laugh the whole way through as well as have an incredibly empowering experience… you won’t ever understand until you try it 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to view our blog. Have THE BEST DAY EVER!

XOXO Jen + Kelly

Jen + Kelly 008

Us caught in the act of getting zipped up!

Jen + Kelly 007

Jen + Kelly 001

Jen + Kelly 002

THIS is pretty much us in a nutshell!

Jen + Kelly 006

Jen + Kelly 005

Jen + Kelly 004

Jen + Kelly 003

Thanks again for the visit. Hope to see you in the studio sometime soon. Send us a message if you have any questions… we’re always here to help <3


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We are absolutely thrilled when clients allow us to share their stunning Vancouver Boudoir images, even if they prefer to stay anonymous 🙂 Here are some stunning anonymous shots of one of our #babetown clients who brought sophistication and sensuality to her session.

Here’s what she had to say about her time with us: “After looking at photos on the web for quite some time I found that I loved yours the best. They were sensual, sexy yet still classy and I found they brought out the best in the women photographed. They were also the most professional-looking photos. Of course I was nervous about the whole process but after reading testimonials and watching your video I was sold. This is an experience you definitely don’t want to pass up on. Celebrate yourself, and create something you will look back on years from now and cherish. No matter where you are in your life there is no better time than now. Jennifer will walk you through everything so it is really effortless. Jennifer and Kelly are both so kind and down-to-earth the whole process is very comfortable. You will also leave feeling amaaaazing and perhaps even discover a side of you you didn’t know existed.”

Vancouver boudoir 001

Vancouver boudoir 002

Vancouver boudoir 003

Vancouver boudoir 008

Vancouver boudoir 004

Vancouver boudoir 006

Vancouver boudoir 005

Vancouver boudoir 007

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I headed down to LA a few weeks ago to take a Master class and do a Los Angeles boudoir test shoot with a few models.  Kelly and I are spending a lot of time this year trying new things and testing out some more creative makeup application and posing options. We’re having a blast shooting some models in test shoots here in town as well as this session I shot in Los Angeles!

Are you ready to come in and try some new stuff with us?! Book your session now, we’ve still got some summer sessions left 🙂

Los Angeles Boudoir test 001

Los Angeles Boudoir test 002

Los Angeles Boudoir test 003

Los Angeles Boudoir test 004

Los Angeles Boudoir test 005

Los Angeles Boudoir test 006

Los Angeles Boudoir test 007

Los Angeles Boudoir test 008

Los Angeles Boudoir test 009

Los Angeles Boudoir test 010

Los Angeles Boudoir test 011

Los Angeles Boudoir test 012

Los Angeles Boudoir test 013

Los Angeles Boudoir test 014

Los Angeles Boudoir test 015

Los Angeles Boudoir test 016

Los Angeles Boudoir test 017

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Miss A came to our Vancouver boudoir photography for her second session with us and we were SO excited to see her walk through the door! We focused on “white sheets” this time instead of lingerie in order to give her a sensual and timeless look for her second shoot. Miss A is sweet, totally gorgeous and daring… we love it when clients trust us to create the most beautiful and special pieces of art for them!

Here were some parting words from Miss A: Once again thank you to you and Kelly for another amazing experience! You are both so real, strong and inspiring.” <3

Vancouver boudoir photography 003

Vancouver boudoir photography 004

Vancouver boudoir photography 013

Vancouver boudoir photography 005

Vancouver boudoir photography 006

Vancouver boudoir photography 014

Vancouver boudoir photography 015

Vancouver boudoir photography 016

Vancouver boudoir photography 011

Vancouver boudoir photography 010




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