“I have worked really hard to back in shape after birthing my two kiddos and I feel more like a woman than I ever have. I really waned to celebrate that. I did my homework – hours of research looking through different boudoir photographers portfolios and reading client testimonials and feedback on their websites – You. Stand. Out. Period.

I was extremely excited to do this shoot! I know a lot of people said they were nervous and anxious but I was truly just plain excited – I think having done my research and knowing that you take great photos and great care of your clients just made me excited to go through this process. I haven’t had the opportunity to focus on myself for a long time now and so that was a lot of fun – going to look for outfits and shoes … What girl doesn’t like an excuse to shop for some kick ass heels?!!

My experience was off the charts – and I did come in with expectations (it’s hard not too when you have seen the amazing work that you have done with others) Fun and sexy and silly – made for a great combo! :)
Everyone woman deserves to see themselves and beautiful – it’s sad that we as women look to our flaws first instead of celebrating our own unique beauty – a boudoir shoot can grow a woman leaps and bounds in seeing herself as beautiful. So I would tell any woman considering a shoot to dial that number or press send on that email – you are never going to regret seeing yourself as gorgeous!

My experience was completely perfect! So much so I was still on a high when I got home from the shoot and my husband hasn’t seen me like that for a long time – told me I should book another session! :) Love you two – incredible women with an incredible business!”

boudoir 0003

boudoir 0004

boudoir 0005

boudoir 0001

boudoir 0006

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So, what are you waiting for? Book your shoot with us so you can have the experience of feeling beautiful, just for you.

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boudoir session 0001

boudoir session 0002

boudoir session 0003

boudoir session 0004

boudoir session 0006

boudoir session 0005 Thank you Miss S for allowing us to share a few of your classy, elegant and beautiful photos from your boudoir session.

Ready to book a shoot for yourself? Email us to reserve your shoot date!


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“I thought it would be fun to play supermodel for a day, to get in touch with my femininity and to showcase my sexy side, especially while being in the best shape of my life after buffing up and dropping 15 pounds!

From looking at your online portfolio and blog, it’s so obvious that you and Kelly do amazing work together, and that you’re such cool, super-fun, nice gals! In your online work, women of a variety of shapes, sizes, ethnic backgrounds and ages are all gorgeously showcased, so it’s clear that you two know how to bring out the natural beauty in every woman!

I was a bit nervous, of course, about posing for photos while scantily clad. Making a last-minute booking with only a week’s notice, however, meant I didn’t have much time for nerves, as all my time went to last-minute lingerie shopping after work every day!

It was totally, completely awesome! An amazing experience all-around! Jennifer and Kelly really know how to make you feel right at home and make you look like a million bucks, plus they’re such super-fun cool ladies to gab with! To anyone considering doing a boudoir shoot, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT! I cannot recommend it enough! Plus, you all must visit Jennifer’s studio – it’s such a gorgeous girly apartment that is the embodiment of how she brings every woman’s supermodel fantasy dreams to life!”

boudoir photography 0001

boudoir photography 0002

Thank you so much to this incredible woman for choosing us for her super sexy boudoir photography session. We loved working with you!!

Want to create something smoking hot for yourself or your partner? Book A Shoot with us and let’s start planning!

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“I love wearing sexy lingerie and have been working hard to ‘get in shape’. I thought this would be a great opportunity to reward myself for the hard work. I googled ‘Vancouver Boudoir photography‘ and found a few studios that way. Once I saw your images I knew that you were the one!

Kelly skills are incredible! I’ve never looked so well rested or felt so much like a supermodel in my life lol. Walking downtown after the shoot, I got plenty of stares from guys and girls of all ages, even a couple of ‘favourable’ comments from strangers. That feeling coupled with the little secret of the sexy shoot I just had done – I’ll carry that with me forever. A huge confidence boost at 44 years old, when you feel ‘out of your prime’ a little too often ;)”

boudoir photographer 0001

boudoir photographer 0002

boudoir photographer 0003

boudoir photographer 0004

boudoir photographer 0005

boudoir photographer 0006

boudoir photographer 0008

boudoir photographer 0009

boudoir photographer 0010

When we asked K what she would tell other women considering doing a boudoir photoshoot, here’s what she said:

“DO IT!!! Don’t wait until you are at your ‘perfect’ weight etc. Let go of whatever is holding you back, just book the appointment and go.”

Thank you so much K for choosing me to be  your boudoir photographer, and for allowing us to share some of your stunning photos!

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