Miss C is undoubtedly one of our favourite clients! She’s had 5 (yes FIVE!) shoots with us and every time the sessions get more and more exciting for us all. When we know that a clients trust level is so high it’s easier for Kelly and I to try new things, push boundaries and help you see how incredible you can be on the other side of the lens! We urge you to check out Miss C’s former sessions here: Shoot #1, Shoot #2, Shoot #3, Shoot #4 to see the progression we’ve all made together over the past 5 years! We shot this session in an exclusive Yaletown loft where we had access to outdoor space as well as this incredibly sexy natural light!

Here’s What Miss C had to say about her latest session: “I guess the fact that I have come back for my 5th shoot says it all! Do it! One day you will have something beautiful to look back at and remind you not only of your external beauty, but of how the experience made you feel: empowered, free, daring.. Plus.. Getting to know Jennifer and Kelly is priceless and one of the greatest things about the whole experience! It’s my “treat” to myself every year!”

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photography 001

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photography 002

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photography 003

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photography 005

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photography 006

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photography 007

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photography 008

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photography 009

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photography 010

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photography 011

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photography 012





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Miss C was looking for an After Dark session from her first inquiry. She was wanting sexy, spicy and absolutely sensational and we think she KILLED IT! She’s a total bombshell and we’re delighted that she came to us to help her prep a gift for her 1 year anniversary with her hubby!

Here’s what Miss C had to say about her time with us at Jennifer Williams Boudoir Studio: “I thought it would be the perfect gift for my husband for our one year anniversary. I also can’t deny that it was a gift to myself as well. I had spent quite some time looking at different boudoir photographers and NO ONE came close to the amazing work you do. I wanted a evening shoot and your work by far had a certain quality that I could not find or even compare to any photographer I searched. I was a little nervous when I showed up. I wasn’t sure if the lingerie I chose was good enough or if I had enough or too much? But Jennifer and Kelly made me feel so comfortable and showed me what would work the best. I totally let her decide the outfits as it’s her expertise and I’m glad I did. The photoshoot was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. Even though the gift is for my husband it was just as much for myself as well. The experience is something every woman should do for herself. I felt liberated, beautiful and sexy once the shoot was over. I didn’t want it to end. Now that I have done one, I definitely want to plan another one. My advice is JUST DO IT, don’t over think it. You will not regret it. It was something I will never forget!”

After dark night shoot 001

After dark night shoot 003

After dark night shoot 002

After dark night shoot 004

After dark night shoot 005

After dark night shoot 006

“Having my hair and makeup done by Kelly was definitely a must have! I felt like a million bucks!”

After dark night shoot 007

After dark night shoot 008

After dark night shoot 009

After dark night shoot 010

After dark night shoot 011

After dark night shoot 012

After dark night shoot 013

After dark night shoot 014

After dark night shoot 015

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best gift

It’s for you.

That’s right, you don’t need a person to give boudoir photos to, you can do it just because you want to.
Because you’re incredibly beautiful, just as you are.
Because you want to know what it’s like to feel sexy.
Because you deserve to know what it’s like to feel sexy.
Because you give so much, you deserve something for yourself.

Let us provide you with a beautiful experience exploring femininity and sensuality in a safe, lighthearted, non-judgmental space.
This is it ladies, are you in?

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This dream client came in a few weeks back. We love her timeless look of sophistication, glamour and edge all at the same time. Kelly went with a understated cat eye and a bold, beautiful fuchsia lip (find it at the Anastasia Beverly Hills counter at Sephora). Most of her amazing lingerie pieces are found at Agent Provocateur (our favourite). Stop into their shop in Holt Renfrew sometime, you won’t be disappointed with the amazing selection!

Here’s what Miss A had to say about her experience with us! “Initially I was nervous that I wouldn’t fit into the lingerie properly, that my boobs would be too small and my tummy/thighs would be too big. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the sexy eyes and the mouth right, or that I might disappoint you but I am more confident now and am working on self acceptance. Plus I’m just old enough and wise enough to trust the process and to trust both of you experts to take care of me and make me look amazing. I was so thrilled to have such a day of luxury and extravagance and glamour. I’d say this experience “is fucking awesome.” Jen and Kelly were just 2 regular girls who understand stuff and fears and real life and normal girl stuff. They worked me hard to get the best shots and somehow made it completely normal for me to be walking around half (or fully) naked. The glamour, luxury, pampering, and fantasy were well balanced with laughs and doses of reality from both parties. It was like hanging out with girlfriends. I think you ladies are so talented and doing such an amazing job at creating a successful business that is positive and woman centered. You are inspiring! Keep it up! This was one of the highlights of my year! Xo”






We call Kelly the Beauty Queen around here for a reason! “I Loved it!! Kelly is a pro. It’s relaxing to have little brushes tickle your face for an hour when you are nervous. It’s lovely to have care and attention paid to you in that way. I enjoyed getting to know Jen and Kelly a little bit first before stripping down and getting in front of the camera. Looking gorgeous certainly helps boost your confidence and gets you in the movie star mind set.”














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