A while back Kelly and I headed on a cross Canada boudoir tour! Our last stop was Toronto and we had so much fun along the way that we’d love to do it again! We don’t have any travel plans as of yet but if you’re interested in having us visit your city contact us here and we’ll put you on a list!   Miss J was one of our clients from our east who was creating a gift for her fiancé. We love her super sexy outfit choices contrasted with her super sweet wedding night options 🙂

Here’s what J had to say about her experience with us: I wanted to take the time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for last week. I had such a great time getting to know you both! You really are a formidable team. I couldn’t have asked for a more skilled and gorgeous hair and makeup artist, nor a more talented and personable photographer. From beginning to end, I felt comfortable and confident that I was in great hands. Not only did I walk out of that shoot feeling like a complete sexpot (LOL), I felt incredible for days after the shoot. The experience was truly empowering and I would recommend it for any woman regardless of age, shape or size! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful experience that I will never forget and will likely repeat in the future. Looking forward to working with you again!!”

Toronto boudoir session 001

Toronto boudoir session 002

Toronto boudoir session 003

Toronto boudoir session 004

Toronto boudoir session 005

Toronto boudoir session 006

Toronto boudoir session 007

Toronto boudoir session 008

Toronto boudoir session 009

Toronto boudoir session 010

Toronto boudoir session 011

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I had the opportunity to shoot an editorial lookbook for C+C Lifestyles By Design, a Vancouver brand offering subdued luxury. We shot their new line of classically elegant watches last summer…don’t ask me why I waited so long to share! I love these shots so much and would love to shoot more editorial style lookbooks (hint hint designers! I’m looking at you!). Of course I will always shoot with my aesthetic in mind – classic, sophisticated and sensual.  Contact me to discuss shooting a lookbook for your company.

C+C corporate session 002

C+C corporate session 003

C+C corporate session 004

C+C corporate session 005

C+C corporate session 001

C+C corporate session 006

C+C corporate session 007

C+C corporate session 008

C+C corporate session 009

C+C corporate session 010

C+C corporate session 011

C+C corporate session 012

C+C corporate session 013

C+C corporate session 014

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STUDIO UPDATE! Did you guys know that we’ve updated our stunning studio with even MORE gorgeous and classic decor pieces? We’ve got the new couch, the new fireplace and so many stunning details that we know that you’ll love. We’re always trying to keep things fresh and new so that all of our images look unique and special! What do you think?!

jennifer williams boudoir photography studio in vancouver 0001-1

jennifer williams boudoir photography studio in vancouver 0002-1

jennifer williams boudoir photography studio in vancouver 0003



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Miss T came to our Vancouver Boudoir Photography studio to create an amazing gift for her husbands 50th birthday as well as their 10 year anniversary! We think her words speak for themselves!

Here’s what Miss T had to say about her experience with us: “I was initially nervous, as it was pricey (but worth every dollar spent). As a result of the financial commitment, it created even more motivation to make every moment count. I was not disappointed and knew if I wanted quality, I would have to make the investment. Besides my husband is worth it (not to mention your photography expertise and postural guidance) and I also was given this experience as a gift for myself. I had been struggling with many physical health issues and was hoping none of them would surface, as I wanted to look/feel my best and put that forward in print. If I had any questions at all, both Kelly and yourself were quick to provide me the answers and reassured me along the way. Having struggled with body image issues for many years prior, this shoot allowed me the freedom to be myself and share the new found confidence I had in being “me”. I left feeling sexy and beautiful, not always the way I had been feeling and feel better at 48 yrs. of age , than I did at 30 yrs… : ) I felt completely at ease with Kelly’s expertise and care in applying makeup and doing my hair. It was natural, yet polished. This part really helped calm my nerves before the photoshoot, as we casually chatted and learned more about each other. Great team work/chemistry between the 2 of you and it was delightful to have your dog there as well! I had looked at other photographers online re: Groupon ads and was not convinced they would provide the services/professionalism I was looking for. When I searched online and went to your site-I was very impressed and overall felt if I hired you, I would end up with a classy/glamorous look and finished product. The website was very detailed and allowed me to see what prep and the day of would look like (eg. video footage of a shoot). You provided the “whole package” so to speak”.”

Vancouver boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 001

Vancouver boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 002

Vancouver boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 003

Vancouver boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 004

Vancouver boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 005

Vancouver boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 006

Vancouver boudoir photographer Jennifer Williams 007


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