We absolutely LOVE the simplicity of this outfit, yet it’s super HOT! A lacy black bra and panty set paired with thigh high stockings and glossy black Louboutins are so versatile and glamorous. boudoir photographer vancouver 0001

boudoir photographer vancouver 0002

boudoir photographer vancouver 0003

boudoir photographer vancouver 0004

boudoir photographer vancouver 0007

boudoir photographer vancouver 0006

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“I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about you and the work I have seen always stands out as the best I’ve come across when it comes to boudoir. I would tell anyone to do it without hesitation! You and Kelly were so welcoming, fun and down to earth. It honestly felt like I had known you for way longer and that it was a fun afternoon with girlfriends. It truly made me feel at ease and not uncomfortable at all – thank you!”

vancouver boudoir 0001

vancouver boudoir 0002

vancouver boudoir 0003

vancouver boudoir 0004

Want to see what all of our clients rave about? Contact us today to schedule a boudoir photo shoot for yourself!

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Thank you so much to Miss V for choosing me to be your boudoir photographer and for allowing us to share some of your photos! Miss V has let us share so many shots that I’ve broken them up into 2 different posts. Today I’m sharing my favourites from this gorgeous aqua coloured bra and panty set, I think it really compliments her warm skin tone and light hair.

boudoir photographer vancouver lingerie photography 0001

boudoir photographer vancouver lingerie photography 0003

boudoir photographer vancouver lingerie photography 0004

boudoir photographer vancouver lingerie photography 0005

We love how simple the outfit is, yet she looks freakin’ HOT! Wanna get your sexy on? We’ve still got some availability for holiday delivery if you’re thinking of surprising someone for Christmas ;) Message Us for pricing and availability.


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This summer we were INSANELY busy shooting Boudoir for Brides. Boudoir photography as a wedding gift has become hugely popular and we’re really happy about this. I mean, what could be more intimate of a gift than allowing yourself to be vulnerable and show a side of you that may not have been revealed before? If you’d like to schedule a wedding boudoir shoot, please contact us to book your date. We offer very flexible payment plans so you can budget for the experience you’d really like to have.

vancouver boudoir photographer 0003

vancouver boudoir photographer 0001

vancouver boudoir photographer 0002

vancouver boudoir photographer 0004

vancouver boudoir photographer 0005

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