Miss B came to us to help create the ultimate wedding gift for her fiancé on their wedding day! We’re so thrilled that she allowed us to share some anonymous images from her stunning session!

Here’s what Miss B had to say about her time with us in the studio: “It was great! Really fun and I loved how a lot of effort went into the different poses and shots. Really fun ladies to work with. I would say do it at every stage in your life. Your body will always be beautiful and you should always love yourself, but there is no reason not to cherish the changes that happen over the years which you can do by documenting yourself at your finest. It was so wonderful and I thank you for all the effort. I couldn’t believe how long we were working together because it went by so fast!”

anonymous boudoir session 001

anonymous boudoir session 005

anonymous boudoir session 002

anonymous boudoir session 003

anonymous boudoir session 004

anonymous boudoir session 006

anonymous boudoir session 007

anonymous boudoir session 008

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The beautiful Miss M came to us for her second Vancouver boudoir session a couple of weeks ago. She wanted to capture this time in her life as she matures (and get’s even hotter!!!) We think she looks undeniably sexy and we’re so thrilled when clients trust us enough to come back for round 2 (or 3 or 5!). Thanks for allowing us to share M, you’re the best!

Here’s what M had to say about her second session with us: “Unreal! Being with the girls is like hanging out with your BFFs. I would say it’s a “bucket list” experience, an investment you (and any man in your life) will never regret, and I’ll always be happy about the decision! It was amazing, You should know how incredible this service is. I can see how hard you work, and how much effort you put in behind the scenes. I hope you guys get the recognition you deserve (world wide!!)!!”

Vancouver boudoir 002

Vancouver boudoir 001

Vancouver boudoir 003

Vancouver boudoir 004

Vancouver boudoir 005

Vancouver boudoir 006

Vancouver boudoir 007

Vancouver boudoir 008

Vancouver boudoir 009

Vancouver boudoir 010

Vancouver boudoir 011

Vancouver boudoir 012

Vancouver boudoir 013

Vancouver boudoir 014

Vancouver boudoir 015

Vancouver boudoir 016

Vancouver boudoir 017

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Miss M came to us a few weeks ago to create some totally sexy boudoir images for herself. We think she NAILED it with her wardrobe and accessories! We just love her curvy features and mega watt smile. Babetown! M had a full day package with lots of shooting time and 2 makeup looks so Kelly started with a fresh and feminine finish and ended with full on GLAM! Thank you so much Miss M for allowing us to share your stunning images!

Here’s what M had to say about her time in the studio: “Jennifer your images speak for themselves. There’s a quality to them that is virtually impossible to match. I looked for a photographer in London, England, Calgary, Ab, and Vancouver, BC- you were my top pick, hands down! Kelly was great! I’ve never had my hair and make-up done to such an extent. I was a bit worried going in because I often find people aren’t experienced with my hair type or skin tone, but Kelly knocked it out of the park. Thank you Kelly!! It was just so amazing. I was completely comfortable and would recommend this experience to anyone. The whole process is very empowering, and Jennifer and Kelly definitely go the extra mile to make you feel beautiful in your own skin.”

Sexy boudoir 001

Sexy boudoir 009

Sexy boudoir 003

Sexy boudoir 004

Sexy boudoir 005

Sexy boudoir 006

Sexy boudoir 010

Sexy boudoir 011

Sexy boudoir 014

Sexy boudoir 007

Sexy boudoir 012

Sexy boudoir 013

Sexy boudoir 015

Sexy boudoir 008



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Miss M came in to shoot a bridal boudoir session… with an edge. Kelly’s been playing around with some new makeup looks on clients who have encouraged her to just “do her thang!”  We are in LOVE with the two looks we did with miss M! We started with a soft and feminine bridal session with hints of pink and lots of flirty lashes and we ended with a more seductive and exotic look that still looks feminine and sexy. Top both looks off with sexy, bombshell hair and you’re good to go! Thanks Miss M for spending your day with us at the studio, we just loved having you! Come play with us again anytime! <3


boudoir photography by vancouver photographer jennifer williams 0003

boudoir photography by vancouver photographer jennifer williams 0002

boudoir photography by vancouver photographer jennifer williams 0007

boudoir photography by vancouver photographer jennifer williams 0006

boudoir photography by vancouver photographer jennifer williams 0005

boudoir photography by vancouver photographer jennifer williams 0004

boudoir photography by vancouver photographer jennifer williams 0008

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