“I love wearing sexy lingerie and have been working hard to ‘get in shape’. I thought this would be a great opportunity to reward myself for the hard work. I googled ‘Vancouver Boudoir photography‘ and found a few studios that way. Once I saw your images I knew that you were the one!

Kelly skills are incredible! I’ve never looked so well rested or felt so much like a supermodel in my life lol. Walking downtown after the shoot, I got plenty of stares from guys and girls of all ages, even a couple of ‘favourable’ comments from strangers. That feeling coupled with the little secret of the sexy shoot I just had done – I’ll carry that with me forever. A huge confidence boost at 44 years old, when you feel ‘out of your prime’ a little too often ;)”

boudoir photographer 0001

boudoir photographer 0002

boudoir photographer 0003

boudoir photographer 0004

boudoir photographer 0005

boudoir photographer 0006

boudoir photographer 0008

boudoir photographer 0009

boudoir photographer 0010

When we asked K what she would tell other women considering doing a boudoir photoshoot, here’s what she said:

“DO IT!!! Don’t wait until you are at your ‘perfect’ weight etc. Let go of whatever is holding you back, just book the appointment and go.”

Thank you so much K for choosing me to be  your boudoir photographer, and for allowing us to share some of your stunning photos!

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“After years of self doubt and unfounded negativity towards my body, I decided to do a boudoir shoot to prove to myself that I should enjoy what I have rather than dwelling on imperfections. And to also prove to my fiancé that i would do absolutely anything for him, even if it makes me a little uncomfortable!  After searching through various companies, I felt that you work spoke most to what i was hoping to accomplish. I loved the look of the studio with the exposed brick, and really enjoyed how you played with both light and dark images. 

It was so much fun! I really felt so at ease with you guys, and I knew you were pros so I felt I was in good hands. I would tell every woman I know that this is something they must do! I know it’s a scary idea, but the experience is about so much more than just the resulting photos. I left there feeling like a Victoria Secret model, and that is something that every woman should feel. Your space is amazing, and it’s so nice to see someone that loves what they do so much. It’s inspiring. You guys were so at ease and fun that it put me at ease, so thank you for that.”

bridal boudoir 0001

bridal boudoir 0002

bridal boudoir 0003

bridal boudoir 0004

bridal boudoir 0005

bridal boudoir 0006

bridal boudoir 0007

bridal boudoir 0008

bridal boudoir 0009

bridal boudoir 0010

bridal boudoir 0011

bridal boudoir 0012

bridal boudoir 0013

bridal boudoir 0014

bridal boudoir 0015

There’s really not much I can say about Miss J other than she is a total BABE (which is obvious) and we loved working with her!! Such a sweetheart and totally killed it during the shoot. Thank you so much J for allowing us to share your stunning bridal boudoir photos.

HUGE thank you to Jennifer Kirk Photography for capturing Mr J’s priceless reaction! We LOVE seeing those big grins!
Click the photo below to view their absolutely beautiful UBC boathouse wedding, shot by Jennifer Kirk.


Well I think the photos speak for themselves, the Mister approves! Surprise your hubby-to-be with some knockout photos before your wedding day. Let us help you create something really special that you both will enjoy. BOOK NOW

See more Happy Grooms HERE

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We get quite a bit of feedback from our boudoir clients over 40 about how all the women we show here on our blog are young and beautiful. We promise that these aren’t our only clients, in fact we have photographed women all the way up to 67!  We can only show images on our website that our clients specifically allow us to share, and unfortunately (for us) the majority of our clients over 40 are pretty private, so showing our work is not always an option.

Miss J wanted us to share her images so as to inspire other women to book a shoot for themselves, no matter their age.  Here’s what she had to say about her experience with us.

“Go for it! I felt great, very positive experience. Jen totally put me at ease. I forgot that I was wearing next to nothing and a complete stranger was zooming in on my ass and boobs. Very encouraging throughout process. Kelly really helped put me at ease before time and my hair and make up made me look great right from the beginning. I felt like I looked hot and sexy just like you promised!!”

boudoir 0001

boudoir 0002

boudoir 0003

boudoir 0004

What are you waiting for? Let’s get you in for a shoot! BOOK NOW

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We helped N create a really beautiful set of images as a wedding day gift for her hubby.  Thank you N for allowing us to share some anonymous photos from your boudoir photo shoot! boudoir 0001

boudoir 0002

boudoir 0003

Are you getting married this summer? If so, now is the time to book your boudoir session, secure a date and start shopping for lingerie.

We can help you with plenty of ideas and inspiration. Check out our Pinterest page for outfit ideas!

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