I am absolutely thrilled to be able to share this stunning artistic nude session I shot on a Vancouver beach with this beautiful human, Miss M. This post contains nudity (gasp!!) and is NSFW. Enjoy.

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“This was my second session with Jennifer, and I just would not have it any other way! Jennifer is extremely talented as her images certainly convey, and Kelly will make you feel like a Victoria’s Secret model! Their creativity and passion for their work is constantly evolving, and I felt honoured to be in their presence once again. They had made several references back to my initial boudoir shoot, and made some suggestions to ensure I wouldn’t have any repeat looks or images which I feel speaks volumes to their professionalism. They are simply the best!”

“I had been putting off this second shoot for quite some time due to health challenges and other stress factors. I felt I was not ready to get in the studio and gear down when I didn’t feel as fit as I typically am. Rememebring my sentiments of celebrating the changes our bodies go through, I decided to just bite the bullet and get it done. Jennifer and Kelly made my day and helped me release a lot of mental and emotional tension I have been holding in the last few months!”

“It was AMAZING, as ALWAYS! I would hang out with Jen and Kelly in the studio every weekend if I could!”

“Let it go! Bite the bullet and pop some bubbles! I walked in with my mind running 100 miles a minute and had not given my shoot much thought. I decided to let go and have Jen and Kelly work their magic. These are powerful and passionate women that will take care of you!

I believe it is incredibly important for a woman to embrace and celebrate the changes her body endures as time passes on. I could not think of a better way to create such memories for yourself than to do a boudoir session!” – Miss J

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“I’ve always admire the models, especially VS models, the confidence they have to strut in their lingerie in front of millions of people, or appear nude or close to nude in magazines. I wanted to feel the confidence, the empowerment and the love for your own body outside of the comfort zone. What better way to do it than a boudoir sesh? 

Boudoir photography to me is quite intimate and I needed to feel comfortable and able to trust the photographer. I tried looking for one on the island here and none gave me that feeling. So I expanded my search to the mainland (reasonable distance to travel) and found you guys. A hairstylist once told me that if you’re looking for a new hairstylist and not sure if you’ll like them, check out the picture/video gallery of their works. If you like them, then most likely you’ll like their work on you. So I checked out your blog and pictures, read reviews and I liked them! and if boudoir is something you do all the time, you’ve gotta be good at it. Plus it’s an all girls team. That pretty much sealed the deal =)

 It was amazing! I had so much fun! You guys made me feel so comfortable, both in my lingerie and out of it.To someone considering doing a boudoir shoot, I’d say go for it. It is an amazing experience, makes you feel liberated and empowered and you will love yourself even more. Everybody deserves their supermodel moment and these two ladies can definitely make it happen for you.

You guys are amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better team. Keep it up girls! Thank you for making us girls feel beautiful and confident and sexy! You rock!” ~Miss C








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