Honestly, Miss S wrote us such an amazing and inspiring testimonial, we’re just going to let HER tell you about her session (this is going to be a 2 parter blog post! <3

Here’s what Miss S had to say I first decided  I wanted to do a boudoir shoot after coming across Jennifer’s images on Pinterest. I looked at her blog and knew right away I wanted her to shoot my first session. The images were sensual and sexy, and nothing like I had seen before from other photographers. The women looked confident in their own bodies and  the images were not only stunning, but you could feel raw emotion coming from the images. Her images aren’t only pretty pictures with beautiful women in lingerie, they are the embodiment of empowered, confident women who celebrate their femininity and what it means to be a woman!  

 The time flew by and before I knew it, the session was over. I almost immediately started thinking about when I could book a second one. I had so much fun and felt so freaking AMAZING working with Jen and Kelly that I was wanting to plan another one, and I hadn’t even changed out of my last outfit or seen one image.

 The experience in the studio alone was empowering and filled me with so much confidence I couldn’t wait to tell everyone I knew that they HAD to book a shoot with Jen and Kelly. It was pure magic.  Jen allows you to be 100% yourself, and let yourself shine and you don’t have to make any excuses for being who you are.  I was able to show all different sides of myself, in a safe, fun and judgement- free environment. It was a very liberating experience, to feel so free to just be yourself.

 I wasn’t sure what to expect before I saw my images. I knew the images would be pretty but because I’m not a huge fan of seeing myself in pictures, I was the most nervous I had ever been when I went to look at my images for the first time. When I opened the gallery and saw the first image, I literally stared at it for a few seconds because I didn’t believe it was me. I scrolled through a couple to make it really was me because I was that floored seeing myself. My jaw was open the whole time I was looking at them. My hands was shaking as I scrolled through the images. I even gasped a couple times.

 The more I kept scrolling, the harder it hit me that it was ME in those images.  Images that I would pin to a Pinterest board, or see on the blog and would “like” on Instagram.  Images I would be inspired by. Tears started flowing (happy tears) and I was still slightly stunned, seeing myself looking so INCREDIBLE.  I knew I had those sides to me, but never really let them flow to the surface, or let anyone see. There were images of me looking like a bombshell, down-right sexytown, some playful and gorgeous portrait style images. They were all parts of me! I wanted to run out into the street and show random strangers my gallery because the images were so awesome and the people needed to see them! 😀   This coming from a girl who has maybe a handful of pictures of herself.

 I have been asked from friends what doing a shoot is like and I have the hardest time explaining why EVERYONE needs to do one. It really is something you need to experience to understand the full effect, but I will say that is more than wearing sexy lingerie. So. Much. More.

 Thank you Jen and Kelly for a life changing experience, that I can’t wait to explore again. xoxo”

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 049

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 052

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 021

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 050


Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 023

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 042

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 024

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 051

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 025

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 045

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 046

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Photographer 022



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Over the years we’ve been so lucky to have clients who have allowed us to come to their homes or hotels to shoot in their outdoor space!

If you have a cool rooftop, hidden garden, sexy pool deck or any other amazing outdoor space we’d LOVE to shoot you there to make your session EXTRA unique!

Here is a sample of some #ThrowBackThursdays that we’ve shot clients in some rad outdoor locations!










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We’re super grateful when clients allow us to share ANY images, whether it’s all of the images from their shoot or a couple that they feel comfortable with 🙂 Miss A look SO stunning in these gorgeous images we’re thrilled she allowed us to share.

Here’s what Miss A had to say about her session with us: “Before my session I was nervous but also calm. My husband said only four words to me which brought down the nerves instantly…. “What would Madonna do?” I knew deep down though I was in good hands. They night before the shoot I scrolled through their blog once again and just saw all these beautiful women. Just working all their lady humps. It was reassuring that all was going to be okay! What stood out, with Jen, was not only the gorgeous women of different shapes and sizes but what was in their eyes. They had that empowerment I was searching for. Each one was glowing and radiating beauty. I wanted whatever they had. Jen, you delivered!”

Vancouver Boudoir Jennifer Williams 002

“I loved how I looked. I felt beautiful. I am not one to wear a lot of make up, on the regular, but this was so tastefully done.I love my hair too! I felt like a hot minx! Kelly was the first to work with me and the moment I sat down I knew I was in good hands. She made me feel like I was with an old friend one and only wanted the best for you. It was the begin part of my journey, that day, of loving myself completely. Thank you :)”

Vancouver Boudoir Jennifer Williams 001

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The drop dead gorgeous Miss F is up on the blog today. Gahhhhhhh we’re just drooling over every image! So much so that we decided to split the images up into 2 separate posts! Check in next week to see post number 2!

We now currently have only 4 WEEKEND DATES left from now until September. If you were hoping to book a session with us for an upcoming wedding gift or event, please get in touch with us EARLY as we book up fast and we want you to avoid disappointment of having your requested date sold out!

Hair and makeup by Kelly Trerise, Beautiful pink outfit is by Agent Provocateur

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 002

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 005

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Studio 029

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 003

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Studio 024

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 017

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 001

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 009

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 004

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 006

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Studio 010

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 007

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 010

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Studio 021

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 011

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Studio 032

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 012

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 013

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 008

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 014

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Studio 017

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 015

Jennifer Williams Vancouver Boudoir Studio 001

Vancouver Boudoir Studio 016





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