“I wanted to be able to capture this time in my life for so many reasons. Last year I finalized my divorce and over the course of an unhealthy marriage I let my self be no longer be a priority. I have learned that to be the best mother and person possible, I have to do things for my self too. I also wanted to be able to look back at these pictures and first think, damn I was hot and also see that even after becoming a mother I can still embrace my body. 

 I have been in awe of your photography for almost a year now when I came across your site. The photography is just amazing, the way that the images capture the beauty of all women. It’s truly fine art and so sexy is the most artistic way possible. In a non creepy way I just cant help but stare at the beauty of the images. I cant wait to hang my images in my master bedroom and bath, I think as women its so hard to see ourselves as gorgeous, Jen’s pictures make women feel gorgeous.

The whole experience was Amazing! I felt like a million bucks, just to have your hair and make up done is so much fun, no matter who the woman is, it just gives confidence. I bared it all, as you could say and not once did I ever feel weird, uncomfortable or self conscious. I don’t have an extreme amount of coordination by any means and Jen helped me to get all of the poses down. I think everyone should do boudoir, and no excuses, I have never met one woman who does not have something about their body they don’t love. So just do it!” ~Miss J

boudoir photography by vancouver photographer jennifer williams

“I loved having my makeup and hair done! beyond Love it! I love makeup so nothing makes me feel sexier than great makeup. I’ve had my make up done dozens of times, including from the founder of NARS direct staff, and I have to say how amazing Kelly is, truly an artist. And her choice of products were amazing! I took the red eye home, didn’t sleep, had a 4 hour lay over and got home and my make up still looked amazing! I had brought some clip in hair extensions and Kelly put them in no problem and they looked AMAZING! The whole hair and makeup was perfect!”

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We were so honoured to have Miss K back in the studio for her third shoot with us! Here’s what she had to say about shoot number 3!

“This shoot was a present to myself for my 48th birthday. I did a shoot with Jen a year ago, and my first one 8 years ago. It is such an empowering experience and a reminder of my beauty and sexiness that I want to document. I chose you because you’re the shit, I love and trust you 1000%.
You have such an incredible talent and gift that I know has been combined with a lot of hard work to make you the artist that you are today. 

The shoot felt like 10 minutes. SO FUN. I felt sexy, beautiful and POWERFUL.
For another woman considering it…..DO IT.
I know it can feel scary. I know you think you are not ready yet. But the scary things you do when you do not feel ready are the ones that you will receive the greatest POWER from.

And, P.S. you DESERVE this. For YOU.
Kelly is the bomb. ROCK STAR. Was so fun to still rock my makeup and hair the rest of the day and for the U2 concert with my hubs!!” ~Miss K



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“I have always wanted to try a boudoir session and I wanted to celebrate being in my 40’s and have nice photos of this time of my life! I was excited & really looking forward to it. The whole experience of booking, then receiving the emails of what to do, bring, look at were very helpful to prep. I was a little nervous but overall very excited! It really was fantastic. the amount of prep was perfect, I wasn’t worried about posing as you made it clear you do that. I was super happy with the makeup & hair, and your personality during the photos was great as you kept my laughing & entertained. The makeup was so perfect, I loved my eyes, truly the best job I have ever had. Hair was fantastic, putting in the extensions was a great idea, I’m so glad I did that for these photos. I felt like a pampered princess!” ~Miss J


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The gorgeous Miss J came to the studio for her second session and we’re so thrilled that she allowed us to share her anonymous images!

Here’s what she had to say about her second session: “I decided to treat myself. Every woman should seize opportunities to celebrate their beauty across the various stages of their lives. Just as travel is a different experience at every age, a boudoir shoot captures who you are at a specific time in your life.

I’m always nervous and a bit anxious before the shoots because I’m still learning to love my body. You and Kelly have done everything you can to make me feel welcomed and comfortable. I think a boudoir shoot is something that every woman should experience. Keep up the great work ladies! :)” ~Miss J

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