“Having worked with Jen, and experienced a boudoir shoot with her before, I have first hand experience from the side of a client and a colleague in just how passionate she is about empowering women, inspiring confidence, and allowing women to embrace their true beauty, whatever age, shape or size that comes in. Her work is second to none, and when I decided to do a shoot, she was the only one on my list! I trust her completely and knew that if anyone could coax the sexy out of me, it would be her!”

“Being in my mid 40’s, I feel more confident in the woman I am and what that means to me than ever (I guess it has something to do with giving less f*cks about what others think of me as a woman and more about my own opinion of myself!).  Jen is a part of that, not only because of the shoots I have done with her as her subject, but observing how she interacts with clients while I had the opportunity to work with her on boudoir shoots outside of Vancouver. This woman is the real deal! She is a constant example of the confident and empowered woman, inside and outside the studio. She respects each woman’s personal process, how intimate these moments are, and how completely these shoots can impact her clients and their outlook on themselves (I personally feel like a stone cold fox after my shoots!). During the shoot, she is your cheerleader and coach, and makes you feel completely at ease the entire time.”

“Doing a shoot with Jen is not just about amazing photos, it’s about the whole experience; the preparation, finding outfits, rediscovering you love about yourself, the laughs, the time spent connecting with who you are, and walking away feeling like the beautiful, sexy woman that is inside of you but get’s lost in everyday life. It’s like you are walking on clouds for the rest of the day-with your hair and makeup done, feeling like a million bucks, and a shit eating grin on your face because you just had the most amazing day!”

“Leading up to the shoot, I felt a bit nervous but reminded myself that is normal, I tend to feel awkward in front of a camera and try to avoid it when I’m working(which isn’t always easy) because I don’t always know how to channel my inner sexy for it, but I always feel like a total babe with Jen, mostly due to her amazing direction and her ability to inspire her clients to recognize how gorgeous they are inside and out(not to mention a few laughs to break the ice)!”

“Shooting with Jen is the best gift you can give yourself and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to step in front of her camera more than once, this shoot definitely won’t be my last-I loved my previous photos but was blown away by the photos from this shoot. I still can’t believe they are me!! If you are thinking about doing a shoot with her, don’t wait! You will never look this way again and there will never be a ‘perfect’ time(either way, it’s a good reminder just how amazing you looked at that moment in your life!).”

“Thank you so much Jen for capturing these moments, you are truly a master and your art is absolutely amazing!! xo”

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“It was amazing, empowering, and sort of addicting- hehe. I truly believe every woman should have this experience. It made me feel more confident with myself and appreciate my femininity more.”


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Q. What made you decide to hire Jennifer Williams as your photographer?

“I looked and did extensive research. There were a few other companies that I narrowed down. Ultimately, I choose Jennifer Williams because I appreciated the fact that they show case each individual woman’s beauty in her own way. From curvy women, petite women, and all different types of ethnicity. Also – I loved how it was very editorial and high fashion. reminds me of the glamorous NYC shoots. I loved the contrast of the dark and light.”

Q. How were you feeling before your shoot? Any thoughts going through your head?
I did not know what to expect.
this is my first ever boudoir shoot.
how am I supposed to smile. How am I supposed to stand.
I mean – you can practice all you want in front of a mirror but when it comes to in front of a camera lens – its a whole new ball game.”

Q. Now that you’ve had your own photo shoot, how was it? What would you say to someone considering doing a boudoir shoot?

“I definitely feel more confident in myself. I appreciate my body a lot more. The way that Jennifer coached me and complimented me, really boosted my self-esteem. You can really get the sense that she understands and appreciates all our women qualities and what we may think of a flaw is really not at all but an asset. Kelly was a great start person to see – in the sense that she really empowers and radiates confidence. She understands that every woman is different and she brings out the beauty that each person has by her extraordinary makeup skills. Both Jennifer and Kelly are the ultimate power couple. Kelly is an amazing makeup artist and Jennifer had the calmest demeanour about her. Perhaps it was Jinx that brought it all together but the energy was electric and soothing at the same time. I understand why clients come back time and time again.”

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“I spent most of my 20s being so critical on my body and not appreciating how beautiful and amazing it is. As a gift to myself for my 30th birthday I wanted something that I can look at that will remind myself how sexy I am! I love Jennifer’s photography style and every girl on her site looks gorgeous – no awkward poses, bad hair or make up. And every girl no matter what her shape or size looks like a goddess! 

Before the shoot, I felt super excited and a little nervous, because I’ve never considered myself to be sexy and seductive and now I’m going to do this in front of a camera!

It was fun and easy and when you see her work you’ll be ready to book your appointment! 

 I felt good walking in having Kelly do my hair and makeup, because her work clearly speaks for itself – All the girls look fantastic!”

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