“I was a little nervous before I got there, but as soon as I came in you and Kelly both made me feel completely comfortable. I loved it, so much fun. I would tell anyone considering a shoot to just do it! I’ve been thinking about it for so long just wish I did it sooner.  You and Kelly both did everything I imagined would happen, you both made the experience awesome for me. Already can’t wait to do another session with you guys.”

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“I got engaged, had two kids and back in shape so I wanted to do something to celebrate. Found you on google and read wonderful things and your instagram had beautiful photos. You seemed like someone I could be comfortable with.

It was absolutely amazing. Both Jennifer and Kelly made me feel very comfortable right away. They both made me feel better about my bad skin and mom body. Jennifer’s direction was perfect, I’m not a model but she made it very easy to follow her posing instructions. I didn’t feel rushed at all.”

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“I had been following Jennifer Williams on Instagram for a couple of years, fantasizing about indulging in a boudoir shoot myself one day. My 30th birthday and my wedding seemed like perfect occassions to commit and fly out to Vancouver for a frilly, sexy shoot!”

“I am an admirer of photography and art, so I told myself i would only ever do a boudoir shoot if I felt the photographer had the creativity and skill to create work that could be up in a gallery. I’ve seen many boudoir photographers whose work looks amateur and cheesy, not sexy and elegant. But erotic and provocative and sexy doesn’t mean trashy! I was so impressed by the work displayed on your website and Instagram – your shots displayed a technical skill far above other photographers I’d seen. I was blown away by the sophistication and sexiness of your studio, the poses and all of the work that went into creating the final product. Your work is provocative, enticing, sexy, bold, natural, glamourous. I just couldn’t have booked with anyone else.”

“I was really excited pre-shoot. I have insecurities with my body just like many women do, but I made a conscious decision to put them to the side and focus on feeling beautiful. Shopping for special lingerie in the lead up made me feel like a queen and I ran with that sensation all the way to the day of the shoot. That’s why you do a boudoir shoot after all: to feel like the queen you are, to let your inner goddess out. I already trusted you and Kelly prior to meeting you in person because I had seen so much of your work. So I wasn’t worried at all – it was an opportunity to indulge and not be afraid to SLAY.”

“I absolutely loved my boudoir shoot! I’m already thinking about the next one. If I can make it an annual thing, it’s happening FOR SURE! To anyone considering a boudoir shoot, I say go for it. Feel like a queen, be a goddess, and don’t be afraid. Three days after the shoot, I am still feeling so wonderful- full out pep in my step. It’s been a tough few years of work and stress and putting my energy into everyone else and everything other than myself. This experience was a reminder that I have reason to feel beautiful and that I can and should indulge in ME sometimes.”

“You and Kelly are an amazing team. You could tell you work so well together and really complement each other’s skills and talents. It was like I was spending an exciting day with girlfriends. I felt both comfortable and special at the same time.”

“Kelly, you brought me to Diana Ross levels of glamorous and I felt FABULOUS. I was really impressed with the make up – it was bold yet I didn’t feel overdone, just done up in the right way. Having my hair and make-up done allowed me a stress free morning prior to the shoot. All I had to worry about was bringing my frilly things and showing up. It was also a great start to the day – building up the glam factor to the main event that was the shoot. It was all great!”

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