White Sheets Boudoir Session

Real talk: relationships are hard. Marriage, friends, and the relationship you have with yourself. Most of us (myself included) struggle daily with showing ourselves the same love and encouragement that we would our best friend, spouse or even just a random stranger on the internet! Like, for real! Why do we not support ourselves the way we support others?! I’ve been seeing some memes online about how self care isn’t just bubble baths and chocolate, and how true that rings for me. Self care, to me, has meant walking away from friendships. Ending my marriage. Saying no. Doing scary shit. Letting go. Spending time with myself. Saying yes. I still take baths, but I make sure to put my headphones in and listen to my favourite albums while singing loudly (sorry not sorry to my neighbours, hope you like my version of Rihanna LOL). I’ve acquired quite the lipstick collection. I bought the damn shoes. And boots 😉

Most women book their boudoir shoot with me with the intention of it being a gift for their partner. Once they have the experience they realize how powerful it was to see themselves in another light, and it’s not uncommon for us to see clients back for a 2nd, 3rd and even 8th shoot (her post is up next)! Kelly and I would love to help you down the path of self-love and self care with a beautiful photo shoot just for you. Because yes, you deserve to feel beautiful and to be proud of who you are in this very moment. Contact us for more information.

Miss L came back to see us for a 2nd shoot, and we did a mix of white sheets and beautiful nudes. I’m thrilled we were given permission to share her beautiful images (hello those curves are FIRE), and her testimonial, well it’s one we can all relate to. Enjoy!

“I wanted to do a boudoir session as a 10 year wedding anniversary gift for my husband. We have had a really rough few years and I wanted to do something special for him. It is also a gift to myself to remind myself that I am perfectly lovable just he way I am. I don’t need to lose 10 pounds first, I just need to be ok with me right now!! This is my second shoot with Jennifer and I would come back every year if I could!! Jennifer and Kelly are the dream team. They are so personable and they celebrate every single woman that comes through their door. I was excited to be coming back!! I knew that I was in totally great hands. Kelly rocked my makeup and hair and I knew that Jennifer would walk me through each and every step of the shoot!! Do it!! Do it!! Do it!! It is the most amazing experience!! You are absolutely perfect the way you are and you will just be blown away at how amazing you feel during and after the shoot!!!”

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Bridal Boudoir Photography

I’m so thrilled to be able to share these beautiful images of Miss C! She graciously allowed us to share some of her less-identifiable images. Sharing your photos is not mandatory when you do a shoot with us, but we sure do love to share whenever our clients say yes! Here’s what she had to say about her experience with us:

“I’m getting married and wanted to get a gift for my fiance. I’ve done a lot of research and your work is the most beautiful!

I was really nervous and was stressing myself out a little regarding the way my body looked and what I had to do (ie. diet, exercise, etc.) to make it look perfect – about a week before my shoot I realized that it didn’t matter what I looked like and that you would make sure I looked beautiful no matter what! After that I was excited!

That was such a fun experience. I felt so confident, sexy, and powerful thanks to you! I would tell someone considering a shoot 100% to do it whether they have a special occasion or not. It’s a very empowering experience for every woman!”

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Boudoir Session: Miss N

“I decided to do a boudoir shoot as a girly gift to myself! Before the shoot I was very nervous and anxious… I thought I might hate the end result and also just the general BS “hate your body” garbage that most women feel. After my shoot… I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVEN’T DONE THIS SOONER AND ALSO I CANNOT WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!!!!

It’s a thrilling experience to feel comfy in your skin and empowered by other women. I think we all need a genuine compliment and there is nothing like seeing your finished images for the first time!! 

KELLY IS A QUEEN. Your hair and face are very well trusted in her skilled hands. She has tremendous attention to detail and creates a look that highlights your natural features and beauty. No cookie cutter with her just sheer brilliance!!!

I loved the entire thing. It honestly was beyond my expectations and I cannot wait to work with you again!” ~Miss N






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Boudoir from day to night

“I booked a boudoir shoot to be able to see what my husband sees in me, a beautiful & sexy woman. I am proud of what my body has accomplished in growing and birthing 2 boys, and carrying me through athletic races. I feel stronger and more proud of my body at 40 than I ever have in my life. However when my husband tells me he finds me beautiful and sexy I kind of shrug it off due to a mix of embarrassment and just not thinking of myself in that way. I feel more practical, functional now that I am a mom. 
Having my hair and makeup done and photos taken by you ladies I thought would help me see what my husband sees. Help capture that moment and give a little pause of reflection in my crazy, entrepreneur/motherhood life. 
My story is not at all unique, as I think many moms tend to forget a little bit about that side of themselves while they help raise little humans and are constantly sleep deprived. But while I am young enough to be strong & healthy and old enough to be wise to the fact that one doesn’t have to be model skinny or glamorously curvy enough to have beauty- I decided I was going to take that leap and have boudoir photos done. Because I am perfect the way I am and this body of mine has taken me places and served me well.

Choosing Jennifer Williams Boudoir was an easy choice, I don’t really think it was even ever a choice. I just knew it had to be you. I had followed your Instagram page for a couple of years and knew that if I could ever gather up the courage to do a shoot it would be with you. Your site showed women of all ages, sizes, ethnicities in the most beautiful, classy and drop dead gorgeous way. The make up was always stunning and the pose choices were artistic and sultry. 

In the time leading up to my shoot I had a lot of fun looking for outfit choices and since I was flying in for my shoot there was the excitement of planning a trip with some girlfriends too. Then all of a sudden the time was here and I got a bit nervous and could hardly believe I was going to “prance around in my panties” in front of strangers. I’m modest by nature so I could not believe i was going to do this. Then I took a big breath, and remembered that I certainly wasn’t the only one of your clients who was nervous before a shoot. I figured unless the client was a model most women were just as nervous. I reminded myself that EVERYONE looked like bombshells on your site -I should be no different. 
So I packed up my lingerie and went to the studio for my turn and decided to leave it all up to you two to help me become a bombshell for the day! 

Climbing those stairs I was nervous still. But then Kelly opened the door with a big smile on her face and gave me an even bigger hug. Within only a few minutes after getting the nerves out I was ready for the transformation. Kelly’s makeup and hair were perfect. Kelly helped ease my nerves with girl talk chatter, then having her do my hair and makeup was the beginning of the transformation from mom into bombshell. Kelly was able to showcase my best features and hide those pesky blemishes and tired eyes. She created two fabulous looks by changing my eyes from a softer look into a sultry dark smokey dramatic look that I loved. Hair and makeup was definitely an integral part of the day and I felt so glamorous.  Ww laughed and chatted like friends. Jennifer’s passion was obvious immediately and her direction was easy to follow. Posing in my pretty undies was a whole lot easier than I imagined as I felt safe, beautiful, and was having a tonne of fun with Jennifer and Kelly. 
If someone told me they were considering doing a shoot I would tell them not to wait as long as I did. There is no “perfect time”. You will always be a bit nervous, wish you were a bit thinner, had the courage or had a good reason or one of the other may negative self talk reasons we tend to listen to. The time is NOW and the reason to do it is YOURSELF!” ~Miss K


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It was sooooo much fun, actually the most fun I’ve had doing something I don’t usually do. It truly was a blast and Jennifer is so amazing and you feel so comfortable you don’t even realize your standing in your underwear! Miss M

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