Vancouver Boudoir Photography | Danielle

I really love shooting boudoir…not only because it’s an opportunity for me to have fun and create pretty pictures, but I also get the chance to try something new and different with each session.

I especially enjoyed working with Danielle as I had the freedom to get a little creative and try some new techniques. We went for more of a fashion flare with her shoot and I am especially pleased with the results.  She is such a beautiful young woman (duh!) and so natural in front of the camera.

| vancouver boudoir 023
| vancouver boudoir 026

| vancouver boudoir 037

| vancouver boudoir 038

| vancouver boudoir 015

| vancouver boudoir 007

Special thanks to Melissa Leach for lending her talents as a beauty stylist, and her sister Chelsea Leach for being our fashion stylist! These two are a fantastic team and brought so much energy and talent to the shoot. Thanks again girls!

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