Boudoir Workshop | Las Vegas

Back in March I was in Vegas for WPPI, a week-long photographers’ convention.  During that week I attended several workshops, all of them teaching different things, from business, to marketing, to shooting and even some personal development. It was pretty awesome. During that week I was lucky enough to attend a workshop taught by Jennifer Skog, an extremely talented, creative and FUN photographer based in San Francisco.  Jennifer is one of very few boudoir photographers that I look up to in the industry; she has an amazing vision for her business.   I learned so many things that day that gave me a new excitement for shooting boudoir.  At the beginning of the workshop Jennifer spent a little bit of time talking and answering questions, then she demonstrated some posing and lighting for us.  The best part was that we each got to spend time with the model individually and create our own poses and setups.   You can see Jennifer Skog’s blog and some of the other workshop attendees’ photos HERE.

At the workshop were a couple of my good friends, Susan Berman of The Tease Boudoir Studio and Leah Stafford of Intimate Boudoir by Leah.  Here’s a photo of the three of us, note how haggard I look…but hey, it’s Vegas.

| DSC00983

Here’s a shot of the whole group working with our beautiful model, Steph.  Can you see me?  Sometimes I forget how small I am and pictures like this make me laugh…

| ART MG 1950

Alrighty well you came here to see photos and so I will stop gabbing and show you my captures from the day. I’d have to say I’m very pleased with how these turned out. I tried some different processing with these, and went for a vintage feel in some and a more moody/dramatic in others. I hope you enjoy them.

| boudoir 021 | boudoir 022 | boudoir 023| boudoir 025 | boudoir 026| boudoir 028 | boudoir 029 | boudoir 030 | boudoir 031 | boudoir 032 | boudoir 033 | boudoir 034| boudoir 036 | boudoir 037 | boudoir 038 | boudoir 039 | boudoir 040 | boudoir 041

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