Holy Sh*t, that’s me??

Last week, while I was getting ready to close up the studio before my trip to Vegas for WPPI (photography conference) I received a Facebook chat message:

| fb

Critsey Rowe, (one of my photography heros) is a boudoir photographer in Charlotte, but travels to NYC and Europe to shoot her Couture Boudoir sessions. Her work is absolutely amazing and I’ve been a huge fan since finding her website about 2 years ago.  We’ve never actually met, but because I’m a dorky fan, I added her as a friend on Facebook.  Her asking me to model was super flattering and terrifying all at the same time!! I mean, her work is the best I’ve ever seen but the truth is, I’ve been feeling pretty crappy about myself lately…I work a LOT, which involves a lot of time sitting at the computer and eating healthy has unfortunately become an afterthought. About 2 years ago I worked really hard to lose about 20 lbs and since then I’ve gained it all back. So the thought of putting on lingerie and getting in front of the camera made me feel pretty uneasy…mainly because I wasn’t mentally prepared and didn’t have any outfits that fit and looked flattering.

So, because I decided 2012 is my year of saying ‘yes’ I agreed to do it and ran out of the studio like a bat out of hell to hop on the Skytrain over to my favorite sexy store – Scarlet Lingerie before it closed.  I was leaving the next morning so I had no time to mess around, I needed to get my shop on! Upon arriving at the store I was a hot mess…wet from the rain and from running my chunky ass from the Skytrain station to the shop. I took a couple of trips around the store grabbing corsets and other things that would suck in my middle. Once in the changeroom I felt a bit like Bridget Jones…squirming and struggling to get the damn corsets on while still sweating and feeling like the heater was blowing directly at me.  The salesgirl was very sweet and helpful although I was kind of being a spaz (thank you!!).  She brought me some great pieces and I ended up getting 2 bustiers and a bra for myself.  I was starting to feel better about this whole thing.

The next morning I hopped in a cab, picked up my girl Kelly and headed to the airport for our flight to VEGAS!

Sunday morning arrives and I’m surprisingly calm. I suppose I had kind of  surrendered to the fact that this is happening, and Critsey is not only a professional, but she is amazing at what she does.  I sit down in the makeup chair and let her stylist do his thing.  I’ll admit I was a bit shocked to see myself in the mirror, I hardly wear makeup and it’s been a while since having the ‘full meal deal’ on my face.

| getting ready
(here’s me getting an application of fake tanner and the finishing touches on my hair)

The workshop begins and I just do my thing. I try to remember all the things I tell my clients to do…boobs out, butt out, chin up! We’re having fun and the girls are learning a lot about posing and lighting.

After it’s all over I said goodbye and continued on to enjoy the rest of my time in Vegas, including the Barbie Suite Shootout that Leah Aubrey and I organized (blog post coming soon).

After getting home I’ve been thinking about the shoot and how much I enjoyed meeting Critsey. She’s such a cool person as well as an amazing photographer.  I was still kind of nervous to see the shots…I mean I felt great but was nervous about how I would look.

Well, this morning I got an email from Critsey…

| coutureboudoir®workshops101

| coutureboudoir®workshops113

| coutureboudoir®workshops117

| coutureboudoir®workshops123

| coutureboudoir®workshops119

Thank you Critsey for making me feel amazing about myself again. Love you girl! xoxo

Critsey Rowe is located in Charlotte, NC and is available for boudoir sessions worldwide.


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