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Vancouver’s FIRST boudoir-only photography studio!

I am now (officially) the ONLY photographer in Vancouver that shoots nothing but BOUDOIR!  This decision has come after months of deliberation and I feel really good about it.  I want to be able to focus my energy on providing a more intimate experience, and helping women realize their true beauty and confidence through sexy boudoir photography.

I spent the day reviewing my portfolio to showcase my favourite boudoir images and show a more clean and chic presentation.  You can check out my revamped site here: https://jenniferwilliams.com

Vancouver's FIRST boudoir-only photography studio

I am no longer accepting wedding commissions or portrait shoots so I can concentrate on pursuing my passion for uplifting women through boudoir photography in Vancouver.

2023 Update - Vancouver's FIRST boudoir-only photography studio

Lots has changed since I wrote this post in early 2012! Over the past decade I've seen so many other boudoir photographers come and go, and I even opened a second boudoir studio! It's safe to say that boudoir photography is here to stay in Vancouver. I am proud to be a leader in the industry and the fact that I've inspired so many other photographers to begin their boudoir journey is truly humbling.

I invite you to check out my up to date Portfolio, watch some behind the scenes to see me work, and read my tips for how to choose a boudoir photographer, whether it's me or someone else! Be sure to follow me on Instagram too!

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