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Today I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite people in the world: Kelly Trerise. Kelly has been doing hair & makeup for my clients for the past year and we’ve developed an awesome working relationship, and she’s become one of my closest friends! If you book a boudoir photo shoot with me, Kelly will be the one prepping you for the session.

Kelly is always on the go and up to something exciting, so I thought I would interview her for a little insight into her world. Enjoy!| kelly trerise makeup artist 0005What is your favourite style of makeup to do? Why?: Over the past decade of my career I’ve had the opportunity to specialize in many facets of the Makeup Artistry business.  When I first started out I did Special FX makeup for TV and film, then I moved on to a career in fashion makeup for runway shows and magazines and now I’ve found the niche where I fit best- Boudoir!  I believe EVERY woman should have the opportunity to look and feel sensational in their lifetime. The fact that I get to help facilitate that is solid gold to me. There are some artist out there that take ‘Boudoir’ to mean over the top, heavy makeup, I take boudoir to mean a romanced version of a woman’s natural sex appeal. More eye liner doesn’t always mean sexier, ladies!

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How much do trends influence your work? I would say that in my personal business trends are hardly an influence.  I got into Makeup because I’m a 3 dimensional artist by nature.  I see light and shadow in a way some others don’t and a face is my perfect canvas.  Colours are wonderful and I use them a lot but there is a time and place for everything.  When a woman looks in the mirror after I have finished I want her to be in awe of the lady looking back at her. Whatever fits my clients face is the makeup that I apply.

Where do you find inspiration? or What inspires you? I find my inspiration in photography.  The way a person can transform with hair, makeup, lighting, posing and the perfect photographer baffles my mind every time. I spend hours going through magazines and working my way through thousands of photos on Pinterest.  For me, beauty is in everything, everyone, but sometimes we just need a little help enhancing it!  I also take a spin through Holt Renfrew‘s makeup bars regularly to make sure all of my tools and products are super up to date. The girls there are great!

What’s one beauty secret you’re willing to spill? I’ve got a couple I’ll let you in on but shhh, don’t tell any one! Gorgeous, long, thick, romantic eyelashes are one of the things that set us apart from the men in our lives. I use Latisse Religiously. My eye lashes are so long I have to trim them!

And, drum roll please, SMILE! There is nothing more beautiful than a happy and positive woman. A smile will make you sparkle, with or with makeup!

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Who were your favourite celebrities to work with?  Least favourite? Well I’m not going to name names here, you’ll have to book a session with me to hear the gossip first hand, but I will say that A-list actors (many of whom were on the Oscars red carpet this week!), Supermodels (SI swimsuit models, anyone?) and most importantly, the everyday woman are all a part of my regular work life 🙂

What’s your ‘must have’ beauty product? Primer. A girls best friend.  I wouldn’t put foundation directly on the skin if you payed me a million dollars. Invest in it and your skin and complexion will thank you, plus your makeup will last 15 hours without a touch up! Lancome La Base Pro is my personal Fav! Albatross highlighter from NARS is literally sunlight in a container.  They have somehow flown to outer space, packed up every sexy, glowy, skin perfecting pigment the warmth of the sun has to offer and packaged it in a box for under $40. Ludicrous! Pop it on your cheek bones and brow bones to glow like heaven. Last but not least, mascara. Lancome is obviously the best brand on earth, anyone will tell you that, but the key with mascara is to have a mascara wardrobe.  Length for day? Definicils is a must. Volume for evening? Hypnose is my fav.  Want to look like your lashes could help you take flight if you batted them hard enough? Hypnose Drama will probably actually do that for you. Who needs Airmiles?  Invest in lots of good mascara ladies- you’ll thank me!

Do you have a favourite brand of makeup? Lancome, hands down! They put more money back into skin research and product development than any other company out there. That’s why every product they put out has like a million patents. There’s nothing like a French brand for your skin, those Frenchies know what’s up! Luxury at it’s best! (and it won’t break the bank!)

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Lash extensions: ‘do’ or ‘don’t’? Ahhh, the age old question I’m asked a hundred times a day. Personally I’d rather spend the same amount of money on the eyelash serum and wake up everyday with perfect lashes then having to worry about the extensions pulling out your own lashes, getting tangled or bending inwards if you sleep on them by accident.  Sure they’re great for photo shoots and special events but so are strip lashes! Every artist has a different opinion on this subject though. Personal preference for sure.

What other services do you offer? Currently I offer full makeup services for photo shoots, weddings, special events and professional screen projects, I do makeup lessons quite frequently as well which will include a trip to Holt Renfrew with me to shop for the perfect items for you and your skin and last but not least I do Gel Polish application for finger nails- nobody wants a manicure that only lasts 3 days, gel polish (last up to 3 weeks!) is where it’s at!

Any last thoughts? I just wanted to thank you, Jennifer, for taking the time to feature me on your blog, I feel so honoured!  My clients mean the world to me and I truly believe that the key to a GREAT artist is taking the time to get to know the people in your chair.  All I ever want is to feature each one of my gals (and guys!) in the light that they feel the most radiant in.  When they look in the mirror they better feel unstoppable or I haven’t done my job right 🙂  Hope to see you all in my chair one day soon!



You can get in touch with Kelly through her Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/MakeupByKelly

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