My Experience: Vancouver Boudoir Photography

On Monday I had the pleasure of photographing one of my dear friends, Jessica. Kelly and I asked her to do a shoot with us because we wanted her to experience what we do as a team and we also asked her to write about the experience before, during and after the shoot. Read on for a true account of a boudoir session with Kelly and I.
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I experienced a boudoir shoot with one of my very good friends, Jennifer Williams. She is not only Vancouver’s first “boudoir only” photographer, she is one of the most motivated and hardworking people I know. Jennifer is an inspiration, and a fabulous teacher and individual with many entrepreneur skills and a brilliant creative talent. I was honored to be asked to join her team as the Publicity, Public Relations, and Social Media Manager.

As Jennifer was explaining her vision and mission of her company in a consumer point of view over a glass of wine, I was slowly grasping her one of a kind and unique idea. Since my job is to manage clientele and build an audience, it is very important for me to understand and relate to her vision. Jennifer suggested that I book a boudoir session with her, since she knew that it was the best way for me to grasp those ideas to become more successful in her company. I replied by giggling my “this is awkward and I am going to avoid actually answering your question by chugging this $4.50 glass of wine that tastes like a $4.50 glass of wine”.

Long story short I agreed to book a boudoir session with Jennifer and to never drink another glass of $4.50 wine again.

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It seems like it was much longer than four years ago that I could barely look myself in the mirror, and now here I am posting a picture of myself, boobs out, legs exposed and practically half-naked, when four years ago I could barely look at myself in the mirror.

I have had the privilege of accessing a set of tools over the past year and a half that has allowed me to start appreciating myself, and what I was born with. As you can all see in this picture, I’m born with some serious curves. There was a moment when I experienced myself and realized that this is the only body I have, so why not love it? After this realization, I’ve grown to become passionate to encourage women to love their body, whichever shape or size they are in. This quickly lead to an interest of Jennifer Williams and her art.

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There are moments as women when we experience the feeling of being sexy, seductive, and sassy, but don’t always see it. I believe that seeing IS believing, which Jennifer is able to capture.

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I walked into the photo shoot with a nervous mind set, and thought that I was doing something that was more on a professional level to grab an idea. I didn’t expect to get something so personal, motivating, and inspiring out of it.

I was finally able to see and experience myself and my body in a way I never thought possible. The idea of being able to look at myself and think that I sincerely looked beautiful, especially with the curves, boobs, and ass that I carry around with me everyday was never expected. For years, those curves, boobs, and ass seemed like a horrible burden. Finally, for the first time in my life, after years of struggling with myself, I feel sexy and powerful.

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Not only do I want to take this experience and utilize it in my career, personal growth and relationships, I want to share this with any woman who has ever struggled with themselves or their body image. This is the BEST way too really see yourself, whether you are curvy or tiny, with a big or small bust, or lucious or small bum.

I highly recommend booking a session with Jennifer. She will help you feel like a goddess, rock star, and smoke show all at the same time.

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