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If you ever decide to do a boudoir shoot for your man, there are plenty of ways that you can package up the final product nicely. Lace, glitter, and that little essence of you is the perfect way to give it to him. You can go with the traditional route and hand it to him when you’re just about to go to sleep, on his birthday, your anniversary, wedding day, Valentines Day, or Christmas. While we think that there is nothing wrong with the traditional gift giving ideas, the team of Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photography has brainstormed some unique and creative ideas of how to give your man the finished product from your boudoir shoot, but with a little twist.

| briefcase

If your man has a job where he travels and spends most of his time in transit, sneaking a little black boudoir book into his briefcase when he has his head turned is a mysterious and secretive idea which will have him turning pages in more ways than one.

| cufflinks

Every guy at some point in his life has wished he were more like James Bond. Now you can give him that kind of experience with these sexy spy-like USB 2G flash drive cufflinks. Load them up with your photos and send him off to work with your little secret. Channel your inner Bond Girl and send him some clues so he discovers the surprise before he leaves work for the day.

Buy them here – http://www.cufflinks.com/silver-2gb-usb-flash-drive-cufflinks.html

Who doesn’t love receiving traditional letters in the mail? It’s always exciting, (and somewhat confusing) when you receive non-electronic mail nowadays. Why not surprise him with a lightly scented (of your perfume of course…) letter and a print or two as a little tease until you meet again.

| JWP 3508

Most men like to work with their hands, and when it’s not with a nail and hammer, it’s with technology. If he is into or owns the latest and greatest, while he is outside working his magic with the nail and hammer, pick up the new iPad or iPhone, or hack into your computer at home or his laptop and pre-load the photo album as a sexy slide show! It may make him THAT much more excited to play Angry Birds and check his email…

| ipad

Last but definitely not least, we are now offering an incredibly intimate way to seduce your lover exclusively through our Vancouver studio. This sexy gift will light his fire, raise a little hell and his blood pressure, flush his cheeks and permanently smile with those pearly whites. We don’t have to tell you how much he’ll love it.

Inquire for details and click on the picture to watch the seduction video that may feature you one day…

| seduction film1

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