Beauty Tuesday – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

We’re starting something new on the blog this week, it’s called Beauty Tuesday. Every week you’ll see a post written by Kelly about anything beauty related.

vancouver makeup artist
A recent commercial shoot with Jennifer Williams and Nectar Lingerie

As the reigning Boudoir Beauty Queen I find myself very regularly scoping out new products and looks in fashion magazines, up-to-date websites and blogs and at my favourite counters in stores like Holt Renfrew.  Chatting with other artists keeps everything totally fresh and relevant and there’s nothing like learning new tips to try out!

I thought I would share a couple of my favourite websites so that you too can check out some cool tricks and tips to change up your routine for fall!

www.taaz.com is one of my favourites as it allows you to do virtual makeovers on yourself.  Super cool to put in a photo and see what you’ll look like with a smokey eye, or red lip etc!

www.blog-make-up.com is a great site featuring one of my favourite artists of all time Aaron De Mey- great tips and AMAZING products!

Then I have 2 go-to Youtube channels that are always interesting and always super informative.  Check them out!

LuxyHair will show you “how-to’s for dummies” for pretty much every hair style in the world

Michelle Phan does the same but for makeup.

Got a burning beauty question? Email me to get it answered on the blog next week! studio@jenniferwilliams.com

Have fun!

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