Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

“It was an amazing experience. Right from the time I booked in, I started thinking about myself differently, more sexy. The process of finding outfits to wear, although frustrating at times, provided me with the opportunity to put myself in lingerie that made me look and feel wonderful. I had not had that before. I just never made the effort to do that for myself. It’s not comfortable to get nearly naked in front of a camera but knowing that there was no judement on my ‘less than perfect parts’ and that you were focused on highlighting my assets 😉 and making me look as good as I possibly could made it very comfortable. I had a really good time and would say that most women should do this for themselves. Even if you ‘think’ you’re doing this for beautiful photos for your partner, it’s really a gift to yourself.”

Wow! What awesome feedback from one of our fabulous boudoir clients. She was absolutely lovely to work with…and can we talk about her fishnet bodystocking? Holy HOT! Loved the way it played up her killer curves…this was a total win in my books. Thank you for allowing us to share some of your anonymous images, ‘Mrs X’!

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If you’re looking for a boudoir photographer to help you create something beautiful to commemorate a birthday, milestone or just because, we’d love to work with you. Contact us to get more info and book a boudoir session for yourself!

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