B’s Secret Boudoir Session

“I FINALLY gave my album to my boyfriend and i think it totally blew him away.  He was blushing and all nervous while he flipped through the pages. It was pretty funny because I thought I should be the nervous one. Ha!

sexy boudoir photos 0001

I chose to give it to him in a restaurant with more of a nice ambience at our anniversary celebration dinner.  When I passed him the big black box, I saw the biggest grin across his face.  Then, he asked at least a dozen questions before continuing through the album. such as, “what? when did you take these? where? how? how come I had no idea?! …….” and many many random silly questions which I didn’t bother to answer and I had to urge him to keep flipping! A minute later, the waiter comes over and he shuts the book almost instantly.  I said, “what? keep going! he’s not gonna see anything!” Then, he responded, “of course he can, oh! I have to wait till we get home.” on and on….we went back and forth for a bit until I finally got him to flip through the whole album. 

What I was thrilled about the most throughout this process was that he kept he saying, “Oh! I like this one!”, “Oh! I like this one too!”… pretty much on every page.

All the months prior keeping this a secret made it all worthwhile.

I wanted to share this with you all along and thank you once again for giving me this wonderful experience of a lifetime! truly happy that I was able to shoot with you.”

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sexy boudoir photos 0003

sexy boudoir photos 0004 sexy boudoir photos 0005 sexy boudoir photos 0006 sexy boudoir photos 0007

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Thank you B for allowing us to share some of your beautiful photos in your (and our) favorite lingerie from Agent Provocateur! Hair and makeup by Kelly Trerise Makeup Artistry

Summer is SMOKIN in our studio…we are working day and night to shoot, edit and produce some incredible boudoir photos for our clients and we can’t wait to share some of it with you. Secret Boudoir Sessions are a great way to surprise your boyfriend or husband with a truly meaningful gift you both will enjoy for years to come. We still have a few days available in August and September so if you’d like to give a beautiful intimate gift to your loved one or just for yourself, reserve your date asap 🙂 Get in touch HERE

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