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“You are the single most qualified boudoir photographer in town. I did a lot of research and looked at many profiles, and there was not another photographer who even came close to what you produce. This includes having a classy studio, nice posing and good photography skills. There was nobody else.

Before the shoot, I was a bit shy and nervous. I was thinking about the imperfections of my body, which I am sure every girl does, more or less.  It was really fun and I think everybody should enjoy it as an experience. I think everybody deserves to feel pretty and sexy and this is one way of feeling it.”
boudoir photography

boudoir photography

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I am so glad that I had the experience. This is something that a woman can do for herself to not only create fantastic memories, but also to boost her confidence. My shoot was on a Saturday, and I honestly felt “FABULOUS” all weekend. Still do!! Miss M

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