Anonymous Boudoir

The fun thing about posting anonymous boudoir photos is that she could be anyone. Maybe a secret agent, a celebrity or just someone who wants that little thrill of knowing her sexiness is out there for the world to see, but no one knows it’s her. Like wearing a super sexy bra and panty set under your boring work clothes, this is your little secret that nobody knows about 🙂

boudoir photographer vancouver 0001

boudoir photographer vancouver 0002

boudoir photographer vancouver 0003

boudoir photographer vancouver 0006

boudoir photographer vancouver 0005

boudoir photographer vancouver 0004

boudoir photographer vancouver 0007

Of course, we only share what our clients allow us to, and your images are never put online without your written permission after the shoot. If you’d like to know more about our packages, please get in touch!

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I am so glad that I had the experience. This is something that a woman can do for herself to not only create fantastic memories, but also to boost her confidence. My shoot was on a Saturday, and I honestly felt “FABULOUS” all weekend. Still do!! Miss M

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