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Maternity Boudoir Photographer in Vancouver

Maternity boudoir photography is something we have been doing more often these days…we approach it a bit differently than our usual boudoir sessions, or even a typical maternity session for that matter. Our maternity boudoir sessions document pregnancy in a beautiful and intimate way, and of course with a bit of our own sexy style.

Your body is different now. You may not be used to the changes and you may not be feeling so hot, but everyone around you is commenting about how wonderful you look and that you seem to have that ‘glow’.  As women, this period of time is one of the most beautiful and incredible things we can experience.

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We would LOVE to be able to freeze this moment in time for you with a beautiful album and some gorgeous artwork for the walls in the baby’s room.  Contact us for more details and to book your maternity boudoir session.

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