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Boudoir: Miss J

We get quite a bit of feedback from our boudoir clients over 40 about how all the women we show here on our blog are young and beautiful. We promise that these aren’t our only clients, in fact we have photographed women all the way up to 67!  We can only show images on our website that our clients specifically allow us to share, and unfortunately (for us) the majority of our clients over 40 are pretty private, so showing our work is not always an option.

Miss J wanted us to share her images so as to inspire other women to book a shoot for themselves, no matter their age.  Here’s what she had to say about her experience with us.

“Go for it! I felt great, very positive experience. Jen totally put me at ease. I forgot that I was wearing next to nothing and a complete stranger was zooming in on my ass and boobs. Very encouraging throughout process. Kelly really helped put me at ease before time and my hair and make up made me look great right from the beginning. I felt like I looked hot and sexy just like you promised!!”

boudoir 0001

boudoir 0002

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