Vancouver Boudoir Photographer: Miss K

“I love wearing sexy lingerie and have been working hard to ‘get in shape’. I thought this would be a great opportunity to reward myself for the hard work. I googled ‘Vancouver Boudoir photography‘ and found a few studios that way. Once I saw your images I knew that you were the one!

Kelly skills are incredible! I’ve never looked so well rested or felt so much like a supermodel in my life lol. Walking downtown after the shoot, I got plenty of stares from guys and girls of all ages, even a couple of ‘favourable’ comments from strangers. That feeling coupled with the little secret of the sexy shoot I just had done – I’ll carry that with me forever. A huge confidence boost at 44 years old, when you feel ‘out of your prime’ a little too often ;)”

boudoir photographer 0001

boudoir photographer 0002

boudoir photographer 0003

boudoir photographer 0004

boudoir photographer 0005

boudoir photographer 0006

boudoir photographer 0008

boudoir photographer 0009

boudoir photographer 0010

When we asked K what she would tell other women considering doing a boudoir photoshoot, here’s what she said:

“DO IT!!! Don’t wait until you are at your ‘perfect’ weight etc. Let go of whatever is holding you back, just book the appointment and go.”

Thank you so much K for choosing me to be  your boudoir photographer, and for allowing us to share some of your stunning photos!

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