Boudoir – Miss M

“I have worked really hard to back in shape after birthing my two kiddos and I feel more like a woman than I ever have. I really waned to celebrate that. I did my homework – hours of research looking through different boudoir photographers portfolios and reading client testimonials and feedback on their websites – You. Stand. Out. Period.

I was extremely excited to do this shoot! I know a lot of people said they were nervous and anxious but I was truly just plain excited – I think having done my research and knowing that you take great photos and great care of your clients just made me excited to go through this process. I haven’t had the opportunity to focus on myself for a long time now and so that was a lot of fun – going to look for outfits and shoes … What girl doesn’t like an excuse to shop for some kick ass heels?!!

My experience was off the charts – and I did come in with expectations (it’s hard not too when you have seen the amazing work that you have done with others) Fun and sexy and silly – made for a great combo! 🙂
Everyone woman deserves to see themselves and beautiful – it’s sad that we as women look to our flaws first instead of celebrating our own unique beauty – a boudoir shoot can grow a woman leaps and bounds in seeing herself as beautiful. So I would tell any woman considering a shoot to dial that number or press send on that email – you are never going to regret seeing yourself as gorgeous!

My experience was completely perfect! So much so I was still on a high when I got home from the shoot and my husband hasn’t seen me like that for a long time – told me I should book another session! 🙂 Love you two – incredible women with an incredible business!”

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So, what are you waiting for? Book your shoot with us so you can have the experience of feeling beautiful, just for you.

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