Edmonton boudoir: Miss B

“I wanted to do it primarily as an anniversary/wedding gift for my fiancé, but also as a gift for myself! I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir shoot, and there’s no better time than the present!  Out of all the western Canadian photographers, I thought your pictures were the most professional, sexy, and elegant, which is what I was looking for in a boudoir shoot!

I was really excited and a little anxious! I wasn’t sure if I would be any good at “modelling” as I have some insecurities about my body. But both you and Jen Chivers made me feel comfortable to be sexy in my own skin in front of the camera.

I was also a little nervous about the cost of the shoot, as I have never done something this expensive on my own without talking to my fiancé about it. But I told myself that this is intended to be a surprise for him, and I’m hoping he’ll see it as a gesture of love. All-in-all, I have no regrets and am very happy that I was able to have this experience! 

It was an incredible experience! It was very professional with a laid back atmosphere. In my opinion, every woman should do this at least once in their lifetime. Who doesn’t want a day to themselves where they feel beautiful, sexy, and confident (with pictures to prove it!)? I would highly recommend Jennifer Williams for someone considering doing a boudoir shoot – you won’t be disappointed!”

edmonton boudoir 0001

edmonton boudoir 0002

edmonton boudoir 0003

edmonton boudoir 0004

edmonton boudoir 0005

edmonton boudoir 0006

edmonton boudoir 0007

edmonton boudoir 0008

edmonton boudoir 0017

edmonton boudoir 0018

edmonton boudoir 0009

edmonton bridal boudoir

edmonton bridal boudoir

edmonton bridal boudoir

edmonton bridal boudoir

edmonton boudoir 0014

edmonton boudoir 0015

edmonton boudoir 0016

Thank you B for booking your Edmonton boudoir session with me! I LOVED collaborating with you on looks so we could get a ton of different shots during your all-day boudoir shoot. Jenn Chivers did an excellent job on your hair & makeup as well.

Kelly and I are planning a cross-country trip and will be making stops in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal to shoot boudoir sessions. If you are interested in booking with us while we are out east, check out the dates and get info HERE.


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