Boudoir in Vancouver

“Your photographs are stunning..beautiful and sexy, but always classy.

The supportive comment (with regards to being able to do this in spite of not having a perfect body, age, etc.) on your website helped a great deal with the decision to do a boudoir session, as well as choosing you as the photographer. 

The communication with Kelly was always professional yet friendly, timely, and addressed every issue I raised. This made me want to continue the process, and prepared me for the event.

I was feeling comfortable, again due to the material on your website. I watched the video of your clients going through the process, and they looked a bit nervous (at first) but were able to pull off some gorgeous shots. This helped me think I could do it too. Your text also emphasized it would be relaxed and fun, which it was.

You and Kelly made me comfortable from the beginning to the end. Both of you were enthusiastic and professional all the way through, which made me feel I was well taken care of.”

boudoir 0001

boudoir 0002

boudoir 0003

boudoir 0005

boudoir 0004

Thank you so much to this lovely woman for choosing me to photograph her boudoir session in my Vancouver studio! Contact us today to reserve your shoot date.

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