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Thank you to miss K for allowing us to share a few anonymous boudoir photos from her session with us in Vancouver!

“I always thought it would be something fun to do, so when my husband casually said he’d love for me to do it I became determined to get it done to surprise him with for our ten year anniversary this year. I recognized while it would be giving him something he wanted, it would also be fun and uplifting for me to see myself in a purely sexy light.

I browsed the web and looked at a number of photographers’ sites. I was instantly impressed with your work and fell in love with it. I wasted no time to send an email to inquire more! I told myself this isn’t something a person does every day, and if I was going to do it, I ought to do it right. 

I was really excited for the couple of months leading up to the shoot and had lots of fun lingerie shopping. The excitement definitely turned to nerves the morning of when I woke up though! Nonetheless the nerves wore off rather quickly once I got in the chair and Kelly started working her magic! Both Kelly and Jennifer were super friendly, but I think it was the professionalism they exuded that put me most at ease. They were confident in doing their job, and knew the skills of their trades,and you could tell. I was really amazed how my fears and inhibitions were washed away while in the studio.”

boudoir photography vancouver photographer jennifer williams 0001

boudoir photography vancouver photographer jennifer williams 0002

boudoir photography vancouver photographer jennifer williams 0003

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