Vancouver Boudoir Photographers: Miss M

“I’m finally at a place where I’m mostly happy with my body. Originally I was thinking of getting photos done which highlighted my physique (I’ve been working on my fitness level for the past 7 years or so). I saw some of your work and thought about how much my husband would love some shots like that and decided to combine the two.
Yours were the first shots I saw. When I started considering doing a shoot I looked around to see who else in Vancouver was doing it but yours were the shots that I loved the look of. They were classy, sensual, flattering and made everyone look fabulous. It doesn’t hurt that all your clients rave about the experience!
I was a bit nervous for the few days before the shoot. I was trying to sleep in those days in order to be better rested and instead I had broken sleep and was up earlier than normal. Partly it was worrying about how the pictures would turn out, partly making sure my kids were dealt with while I was away for the day and partly trying keep what I was doing a secret so I can surprise my husband.
After my nerves leading up to the shoot I didn’t have any during it. It was funny because I was wandering around in bra and panty sets with my stomach bare and I NEVER show my stomach. I loved all the coaching and the fact that Jennifer and Kelly are both so relaxed.
For anyone thinking of doing a boudoir shoot I would say to not over think it. Very few women are ever completely happy with the shape of their body. Don’t wait until you meet some mythical weight goal. Look at all the photos Jennifer has posted on her site and how wonderful everyone looks and trust that she’s going to make you look fabulous too.”

boudoir photography by vancouver photographer jennifer williams 0001

boudoir photography by vancouver photographer jennifer williams 0002

boudoir photography by vancouver photographer jennifer williams 0003

Thank you M for allowing us to share some of your anonymous boudoir photos!

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