Anonymous boudoir

Boudoir is our life here at the studio and we absolutely LOVE it when our clients have such an incredible time during their first session that they come and visit us for a second time (or 3rd or 7th!). Miss B came back to visit so that she could get in on some of our night shoot action. We’re so thrilled that she allowed us to share some of her anonymous boudoir shots with you so that hopefully we’ll see YOU in the studio one day too 🙂

Here’s what B had to say about her time with us at the studio: “Both the girls are so personable and easy to work with! Thanks for all the tips, reminder emails and the general experience to mark an important part of my life! Your work, your style (soft, romantic, sexy and elegant), reviews (easy to work with and great experience) as well as the hair and makeup made this experience perfect. Thank you!”

anonymous boudoir 002

anonymous boudoir 003

anonymous boudoir 001

anonymous boudoir 004

anonymous boudoir 007

anonymous boudoir 006

anonymous boudoir 005



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