Couples boudoir

Miss S and her handsome man Mr. C came to us a while back to create some incredible art for their home. Couples boudoir is an amazing way to spice up your art collection while making lifetime memories of your and your lover.  We shot this session in S & C’s home and we can do the same for you! Inquire with us if you have some curiosity on how the session takes place 🙂

Here’s what S had to say about her first couples boudoir experience: “I would love to give some positive criticism but honestly I am not quite sure what else you would do?? The overall experience was incredible from beginning to end. It was SUPER FANTASTIC!!! I would highly recommend this to EVERYONE. We both had a blast and it was very bonding for the two of us as well. Jennifer and Kelly both made us feel so comfortable and the beautiful pictures we have are proof of it. I found you online and spent a lot of time reviewing your work, I was very impressed! Additionally Kelly is a true artist and she sets the tone of the day. She is easy to get to know and by the time you start shooting you feel totally comfortable and ready to go. Jennifer and Kelly are the perfect team.”

Couples Boudoir | Couples boudoir 001

Couples Boudoir | Couples boudoir 002

Couples Boudoir | Couples boudoir 003

Couples Boudoir | Couples boudoir 004

Couples Boudoir | Couples boudoir 005

Couples Boudoir | Couples boudoir 006


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