Jennifer Williams Boudoir

The gorgeous Miss S came to our studio to create a 10 year anniversary gift for her husband that he will never (EVER!) forget! We loved her openness, willingness to try some new poses and her general happy and smiling attitude! It means the world to us when clients come in excited for their session!

Here’s what Miss S had to say about her experience with us: “I wanted to do something special and a little different than what i had done in the past for anniversary gifts. It is for our ten year wedding anniversary so i thought i better surprise my husband with some sexy but still classy lingerie shots. I’ve been following your work on facebook for at least two years now and love each session you have posted during that time. What i really appreciate are not only the signature shots and style your portray time and time, but also the REAL women on your page. I don’t have confidence in someone who can only make models look great. You make all women look their best! I was feeling pretty nervous before the shot. I’m fairly confident behind the camera but in front is a different story. I was wondering if i picked the right lingerie, if my trouble spots would be okay in such skimpy attire, etc… but I felt amazing afterwards. Not to mention the bombshell make up! I would definitely encourage others to get that same confidence boost you both gave me. As a trained makeup artist myself i’m pretty particular about others doing my makeup or hair. I was pleasantly surprised that Kelly did such a great job that i couldn’t pick it apart in any way. Even my sister in law who is also a makeup artist loved the look!”

Jennifer Williams Boudoir 001

Jennifer Williams Boudoir 002

Jennifer Williams Boudoir 003

Jennifer Williams Boudoir 004

Jennifer Williams Boudoir 005

Jennifer Williams Boudoir 006

Jennifer Williams Boudoir 007




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