Miss C came to us on a spontaneous whim and we’re so delighted she put her trust in us to create some incredible images for her. We’re always delighted when clients allow us to share… even if it’s just one photo. Thanks Miss C!

Here’s what she had to say about her experience with us: My session with Jennifer & Kelly was completely spontaneous. My husband was turning 60, and I thought I’d surprise him with some unexpected photos. When I arrived I wished I had actually prepared for this. You know: get rid of the greys, mani, peddy, lose 20 lbs!! I wondered, “I’m not even a size 10, never mind a 0 (??) what was I thinking!?” Within minutes however, they made me feel totally confident – and we had so much fun!!  They are so professional and supportive. I was blown away by the photos – and so was my darling husband! Most important for me however, my session with Kelly & Jennifer proved to me that I can still look good and feel beautiful – even with my 55 year old skin and curves. So thank you ladies, for an awesome afternoon, and proving to me that with just a bit more effort, I can feel that way every day. EVERYONE in my life has noticed the positive change. Thanks to your talent and TLC, I look and feel better than I have in years!”

Boudoir Session

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