Best Boudoir Photography of 2015 (Part 2 of 3)

Continuing from Part 1, here are some of my best boudoir photography of 2015.

This year I was able to shoot in some amazing private homes, as well as travel to Los Angeles and Maui where I set up some shoots just for fun. I also began my Selfie Project this year (I’m overdue for another shoot!) which has been an excellent learning experience for me. I’ve worked with professional models, actors, dancers, and many other talented creatives, as well as doctors, lawyers and law enforcement. I feel so lucky to be able to work with a wide variety of women, who, at the core, want to know what it’s like to feel beautiful.  I am eternally grateful to be able to share my heart with the world.

All of the images are linked to their respective blog posts, so just click the photo to view the whole set.

Happy new year! xo

Jen, Kelly & Jinx

001 Los-Angeles-boudoir-photography-in-Beverly-Hills-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-0004

002 Los-Angeles-boudoir-photography-in-Beverly-Hills-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-0007

003 vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-boudoir-photography-studio-0005

004 boudoir-photography-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-00042

005 Vancouver-boudoir-photography-010

006 Los-Angeles-Boudoir-test-017

007 Los-Angeles-Boudoir-test-002

008 boudoir-photography-by-vancouver-photographer-jennifer-williams-00033

009 Vancouver-boudoir-007

010 Couples-boudoir-002

011 C-C-corporate-session-010-

012 C-C-corporate-session-006-

013 Toronto-boudoir-session-009

014 Sexy-boudoir-008

016 Sexy-boudoir-004

015 Sexy-boudoir-005

017 Vancouver-boudoir-012

018 anonymous-boudoir-session-004

019 Vancouver-boudoir-0151

020 Jennifer-Williams-boudoir-photography-008-

021 swimwear-editorial-lookbook-seafolly-Maui-010

022 swimwear-editorial-lookbook-seafolly-Maui-007

023 Vancouver-boudoir-photographer-010

024 Jennifer-Williams-Boudoir-Photographer-017-

025 Vancouver-boudoir-photographer-003

026 Vancouver-boudoir-studio-021

027 Vancouver-boudoir-studio-018

028 Vancouver-boudoir-studio-001

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