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Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photography

We LOVED shooting with this gorgeous gal during my last trip to Edmonton. She flew in from another province to have a session with me and I feel so honoured.

Here’s what she had to say about her session: “I wanted to do a boudoir session with Jennifer for as long as I have been following her (4 years!) However due to being thousands of miles apart and just coming out of school it never seemed like the right time… UNTIL… I became engaged! Then I had to do it! What better gift to give my future hubby?!!! 

Not going to lie, I was nervous and equally parts excited to shoot with and finally meet Jennifer!!!!!
I can honestly say the minute I met her my nerves faded away and totally and sheer excitement replaced it! You know when you can feel someone’s genuine beauty from the moment you meet them?! Jennifer is truly a gorgeous human being inside and out! She is ridiculously talented and I had such a blast shooting with her!!! If your thinking about it and on the fence…. I have 2 words for you…. DO IT!!!!
You won’t regret it!!!”

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 001

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 003

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 002

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 004

Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photographer 005

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