Boudoir Images: Miss L

We shot Miss L when we were last in Edmonton in October to help her create a gift for herself to celebrate the woman she has become during this stage of her life!

L’s testimonial speaks for itself!!: “From the moment I decided to do the shoot there were doubts on almost a daily basis. Before leaving for my shoot, I was nervous, I was feeling insecure about my body and the things that I disliked the most. I wasn’t skinny enough, my skin wasn’t perfect, I didn’t buy the right lingerie to wear….no matter what it was, I was thinking about it. Walking up to the door I remember feeling nauseous and unsure but that all changed! Everything I was feeling prior to the shoot disappeared the second I walked through the door. I was greeted by Jennifer and she gave me a glass of champagne and told me to relax! While getting my hair and make-up done, Jen just talked to me like we had known each other forever. She put me at ease and made me feel comfortable before I even started shooting. When I started shooting, Jennifer was amazing! She made me feel gorgeous, coached me through different poses, and made the experience feel fun! I could physically feel myself relax with every different pose, outfit and click of the camera. For anyone considering doing a boudoir shoot, I would say stop thinking about it and do it! Put aside the idea that you have to lose twenty pounds, or you need to accomplish some big life events first, this experience will make you love yourself as the women that you are right now in your life. You will feel empowered, confident, and smokin’ when you walk away from the shoot!”

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