Boudoir Session

Miss C came to us on our last visit to Edmonton wanting to create an amazing gift for her fiance after she had struggled with some body issues over the past 3 years. Not only did she totally own her session, we think she looks like an absolute bombshell!

Here’s what her experience was like in her own words: “I booked my shoot 6 weeks in advance. I was ecstatic when I first booked. As the shoot got closer I got progressively more nervous. I was shaking with excitement and nerves when I showed up and waited to meet the girls. I was a little star struck at first 😉 and once that passed and we chatted I felt completely at ease. Sipping champagne and having my hair and makeup done was a great way to loosen up. I felt beautiful and was ready to start shooting. I am so glad that I booked this shoot for my fiancé, and I’m especially happy I did it for myself. Jennifer is the perfect boudoir photographer. Her coaching technique is fabulous. She gets right in there and shows you what to do. Her cues for body position and breathing are immensely helpful. I tend to be a very smiley person and I was worried that I would look angry when trying to make a serious face, but her cue to breathe through my mouth helped me relax and go with the flow. It was like hanging out with a really great girlfriend with giggles and jokes and you tend to forget you’re standing there almost naked! I would absolutely recommend doing a boudoir shoot with Jennifer. You will not regret it :)” 

boudoir session 002

boudoir session 001

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