Vancouver Boudoir Studio: Miss A

We’re super grateful when clients allow us to share ANY images, whether it’s all of the images from their shoot or a couple that they feel comfortable with 🙂 Miss A look SO stunning in these gorgeous images we’re thrilled she allowed us to share.

Here’s what Miss A had to say about her session with us: “Before my session I was nervous but also calm. My husband said only four words to me which brought down the nerves instantly…. “What would Madonna do?” I knew deep down though I was in good hands. They night before the shoot I scrolled through their blog once again and just saw all these beautiful women. Just working all their lady humps. It was reassuring that all was going to be okay! What stood out, with Jen, was not only the gorgeous women of different shapes and sizes but what was in their eyes. They had that empowerment I was searching for. Each one was glowing and radiating beauty. I wanted whatever they had. Jen, you delivered!”

Vancouver Boudoir Jennifer Williams 002

“I loved how I looked. I felt beautiful. I am not one to wear a lot of make up, on the regular, but this was so tastefully done.I love my hair too! I felt like a hot minx! Kelly was the first to work with me and the moment I sat down I knew I was in good hands. She made me feel like I was with an old friend one and only wanted the best for you. It was the begin part of my journey, that day, of loving myself completely. Thank you :)”

Vancouver Boudoir Jennifer Williams 001

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