Vancouver Boudoir Studio: Miss M

The gorgeous Miss M came to see us this summer to create a gift for her hubby on their anniversary as well as she was ready to start feeling good about herself again after having her first beautiful baby!

Here’s what M had to say about her session with us: “After having a baby I wanted to feel good and like myself again! Plus it’s a great anniversary gift for my husband 🙂 I hired you as my boudoir studio because of your amazing reputation! Also just from your website I could tell both you and Kelly were going to be awesome to work with! I was anxious before the shoot… more in a way that I was excited to see what it was going to be like. I was confident that I would be in good hands! To all of those considering a boudoir shoot, definitely do it! Aside from being an amazing gift for your significant other it’s good to do it for yourself as well!” 




“I I love having my hair and makeup done! Kelly was fantastic. :)”










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It was just a great experience all round. I love your philosophy of women being comfortable in the body they occupy and to celebrate that journey. Miss J

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