Vancouver Boudoir Studio

The gorgeous Miss R visited us in the studio this summer because she has had some life changes recently and thought her new life should be documented! We wholeheartedly agree! When you’re going through life changes it’s time to celebrate yourself and all that you’ve accomplished.

Here’s what Miss R had to say about her first boudoir session with us: “Who doesn’t enjoy looking amazing? I’ve had a few recent life changes and I’m happier than I’ve ever been – this needed to be documented 🙂 I hired you as my photographer because your photos are beautifully shot photos with gorgeous light. And everyone looks amazing! Also, I loved that your packages include everything from hair and makeup to the studio space. 

I would tell any person considering doing a shoot that they should just do it! YOU are amazing and deserve to have incredible photos to document yourself!”






“Hair and makeup are an essential part of this experience. Lord knows I certainly don’t have skills in either of those areas! Kelly enhances your natural beauty so you still look like you – only perfect for the camera!”







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