Vancouver Boudoir Studio: Miss A

“I was looking for unique wedding gift ideas to give to my fiancé when I came across the idea of doing a boudoir session. I also wanted to do this for myself because I have little confidence with my body and my partner notices it most of the time. He always encourage me and to fully give something little special in return for our upcoming wedding, I decided to do it and to take this opportunity as well to step out of my comfort zone.”


“After what it seems to be an endless search for the best boudoir photography here in Vancouver, I read your blog and the photos were really amazing! They looked very stylish and they have right amount of sophistication. Very classy. And with the amount of testimonials that you have, I fully decided to go to your studio and make this wedding gift happen!”


“A few days before the shoot, I was so nervous. I don’t know what to expect because I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I also felt shy because it’s my first time doing this in my entire life and I was thinking “How will I pose to make it natural? Will it be easy or not? Am I gonna look awkward or not after?” But after being warmly welcomed by Jen and Kelly with a glass of champagne, it made me feel better and think that everything will go smoothly.”


“The photo shoot was TOTALLY FUN! I didn’t expect that it’s something I would find enjoyable. If anybody’s considering a boudoir shoot, JUST DO IT! Step out of your comfort zone and especially for gals out there who haven’t done it, there’s always a first and I highly recommend it!”


“The hair and makeup were soooo amazing! I LOVE how Kelly worked her magic on me. Aside from being so friendly and nice, she took everything (from my hair, eyes, lips-as in everything!) to the next level! She definitely did a great job!”


“You guys absolutely ROCK! Such a great duo! I saw how both of you are so passionate with what you are doing and it makes me trust you easily with the shots during the entire shoot. I felt so confident that everything will turn out really great!”



“To be honest, I can’t think of anything to say with this boudoir experience because for me, it’s completely perfect already! Your coaching was really great and with the very welcoming, friendly and professional atmosphere that I felt as soon as I stepped into the room, you made me feel comfy right away!”



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