Miss J: Part 2

“I wanted to be able to capture this time in my life for so many reasons. Last year I finalized my divorce and over the course of an unhealthy marriage I let my self be no longer be a priority. I have learned that to be the best mother and person possible, I have to do things for my self too. I also wanted to be able to look back at these pictures and first think, damn I was hot and also see that even after becoming a mother I can still embrace my body. 

 I have been in awe of your photography for almost a year now when I came across your site. The photography is just amazing, the way that the images capture the beauty of all women. It’s truly fine art and so sexy is the most artistic way possible. In a non creepy way I just cant help but stare at the beauty of the images. I cant wait to hang my images in my master bedroom and bath, I think as women its so hard to see ourselves as gorgeous, Jen’s pictures make women feel gorgeous.

The whole experience was Amazing! I felt like a million bucks, just to have your hair and make up done is so much fun, no matter who the woman is, it just gives confidence. I bared it all, as you could say and not once did I ever feel weird, uncomfortable or self conscious. I don’t have an extreme amount of coordination by any means and Jen helped me to get all of the poses down. I think everyone should do boudoir, and no excuses, I have never met one woman who does not have something about their body they don’t love. So just do it!” ~Miss J


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Just DO IT! It is an amazing confidence booster. All those beautiful poses you see on the website can be you. Jennifer choreographs and talks you through every step of the process so there is no worry about knowing how to pose. Miss J

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