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Not just a photo shoot | Vancouver Boudoir

“I recently got married, I’m in my mid thirties and I lost 20 pounds. This will remind me that I’ve accomplished a lot in my life. There will be many more milestones and what better way to mark this one than bare ;).

I wasn’t sure if I would be compared to other shoots. Did I bring enough lingerie are they pretty enough ……….. then I thought fk it …. the worst that can happen is that she would throw me under some white sheets lol

I feel liberated …. I never thought being naked in front of other females and a CAMERA would be that comfortable. I think we spend so much time over analyzing and judging ourself that we forget people don’t care, they have their own insecurities to worry about 😉
I was nervous telling a few friends about it at first. Since the shoot I’ve been a lot more open about it. It should be a gift to your partner or a gift to yourself cause it’s not just a photo shoot it’s being vulnerable and coming out liberated in the end.

Kelly really took into account that I don’t wear makeup on the daily so surprisingly even with makeup on it was just enough that I felt good and still myself.”

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