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“Before I got engaged I knew that I wanted to give this gift to my boyfriend the day we got married. I always love the way his eyes light up when he sees me in lingerie.I thought by giving him this gift I would also be giving myself the opportunity to celebrate myself and my body. He loves my curves and I am slowly starting to love them too.
When I decided this was what I wanted to do back when we were still dating, I began researching online. Jennifer Williams came up on my google search as one of my first hits. I was extremely impressed with her photos and her experience video. I kept researching other photographers but I kept coming back to Jennifer. The day after we got engaged I sent an email for more information. Dealing with Kelly was awesome! I really got a sense of her kind, positive, and bubbly personality through my email interactions with her. I knew pretty quickly that I had chosen the right people!
I was feeling pretty nervous like I think most people do. I was worried about having to be sexy in front of the camera. I wasn’t so much worried about the posing, I knew Jen would guide me through that. How do I make my face look sexy? Although frightening, turned out to be a lot easier then expected. Kelly did an amazing job with my makeup which I think gave me a new level of confidence to really go for it during the shoot.
When I first walked into the studio, it was almost surreal. I had been following them on Instagram for a few years, so when I walked in I got that, “wow I can’t believe I’m actually here” feeling. Jen and Kelly made me feel so comfortable. A glass of champagne and some good conversation while I was getting ready really put me at ease. I was a little nervous to come out in my first outfit, but when I saw myself in the mirror with my hair and makeup done and my outfit on, I thought I looked so sexy and beautiful. I was so excited to get started! Jen coached me through the whole shoot with poses and facials. She really knows what she is doing and how to explain exactly what she wants. I can tell she takes her job seriously, but has a very light-hearted and fun way of doing it. She had be laughing between poses and smiling the whole time. I could not have asked for a better experience! What would I say to someone considering a boudoir shoot? Do it! You won’t regret it. The experience was nothing shy of amazing. I’ve never felt so sexy and comfortable in my own skin as I did during the shoot.” ~Miss D

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