Boudoir Studio: Miss E

“I wanted to feel free and clear of any negative thoughts I have of myself, just like I felt from the last time I shot with Jen and Kelly. It had been a few years of growing wiser and older, seeing myself in the eyes of another woman. A woman’s prospective Is not only empowering but when two or more people come together, they rub off on one another. That connection I made with Jen and Kelly left a positive beauty mark in me.
Having done my research the first time and experiencing the previous session …..once you go to the best, you have no where to go but return to the best! It was a no brainer to book with the dream team again!
The hair and make up is one of the greatest experiences as it changed my whole day, it restarted my day and took any negativity away so that I could bring my best Va-vavum to Jennifer and the camera. Just DO IT! For yourself and another or just for yourself! It’s so freeing!” ~Miss E



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